These teams were disqualified from PMCO 2021 today

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Hackers and cheaters are a serious problem for every single game. The same issue happening is in the PUBG Mobile too. Although PUBG Mobile is continuously banning cheaters, the numbers do not seem to be coming down.

In the last report that PUBG Mobile published, they had banned approx 2 million accounts. Between 29 January to 4 February 2021, a large number of accounts got banned for 10 years. Let's take a look at the statistics first:

  • Accounts Banned - 1,994,845 
    • X-RAY Vision - 33% 
    • Auto- Aim Hacks - 32% 
    • Speed Hack - 20%  
    • Area Damage - 8%  

These are the stats of banned accounts just in a week. Still, there are a large number of hackers currently playing the game and ruining the games of legit players, even in professional matches.  

Hacking in Competitive Scene  

The competitive scene of PUBG Mobile is facing the same problem of hackers and cheaters. Many hackers and cheaters are ruining the games of dedicated players. If we take a look on the currently ongoing PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring split, a large number of hackers and cheaters were playing in the group stages. Two teams were disqualified on the very first day of PMCO 2021: Spring. Today again, the officials have released the team list of the disqualified teams from 3 regions.  

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These are not the only teams who have been disqualified from PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring Split. Here is the list of disqualified teams from other regions:

  • PMCO NORTH AMERICA - TeamMvrk, Kof5g 

Organizers are continuously checking all matches and VODs of all the players. They are also checking the residential proofs of all players. According to our sources, few more teams are certain to get banned in the upcoming matchdays, especially from PMCO Pakistan.