Two teams disqualified from PMCO Pak 2021 Spring Split on account of cheating

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  • Two more Pakistani teams were disqualified from PMCO today.
  • The caught players have been permanently banned.
  • The number of cheaters have been increasing in Pakistani tournaments.

Two teams, Lost Esports and KodxRog, have been banned from the PMCO Pakistan 2021: Spring Season today, 17 February 2021. Players Malik Ameer Hamza and Muhammad Noman Aziz from Lost Esports and KodxRog respectively were found to be cheating and both the players have been permanently banned from all future official PUBG Mobile tournaments

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Fans all over the world love to play the PUBG Mobile. The esports scene of PUBG Mobile has been growing tremendously too. With the growing popularity and prize-money, the number of cheaters is increasing too. Although PUBG Mobile has an efficient anticheat, the fringe elements are no less.

If we look at the last seasons of PMCO, the national tournaments of many regions had a large number of teams got banned for hacking.  

We have seen a large number of hackers in the official PUBG Mobile tournaments too who even qualify for the upper stages. Eventually, they are caught hacking and banned from the event. But this is all not so simple, who is going to compensate the teams who became the victim of these cheaters and could not go further?

Two more Pakistani teams caught cheating in PMCO

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring Split Group stage matches started for multiple regions, and on the very first day hackers were caught. Two teams from Pakistan in PMCO 2021: Spring Group Stage were banned. This is not the first time when teams from Pakistan are found to be hacking in the official tournaments. In the last season of  PUBG Mobile Club Open Pakistan, more than 10 teams had got banned from the group stages. PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge 2020 also had a good number of cheaters.

4 matches of PMCO PAKISTAN 2021:Spring Split were held today on the Day 1. 16 teams played today's matches from Group A & B.

Let's take a look on the OVERALL STANDINGS of Day 1:

  • The Grounders - 69 Points  
  • Team47x - 47  Points  
  • KNOCKOUT - 41 Points  
  • Team Retribution x110 - 37 Points 
  • 2x OFFICIAL nse- 31 Points 
  • TEAM F4 - 30 Points 
  • Fyme Esports - 30 Points  
  • C4Gaming - 25 Points  
  • Team FROST - 24 Points  
  • bfmEsports - 22 Points  
  • North Esports - 20 Points  
  • TEAM TUF - 19 Points 
  • TEAM GHAZI - 19 Points 
  • Team Stoners - 5 Points

Who will compensate the victims of cheaters

Hackers and cheaters are a major problem of competitive games. Some players who don't have the skills to compete, still try to get fame through shady routes. They fall into the trap of cheat and hack in the game. One of the most popular Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile is also facing the same problem. Hackers and cheaters are ruining the game. Chicken dinners in PUBG Mobile can be elusive, and sometimes it's more frustrating to lose it even if you deserve it.

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