Top 10 most googled games of the Year 2020

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As this tumultuous year has come to its final legs, Esports and gaming as an industry have grown exponentially. Here are top ten games which were googled the most in 2020.

The top 10 games which were googled the most are:

10. Jackbox


Jackbox Games is the party game-making studio best known for hit games like YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Quiplash, Fibbage, Drawful, Trivia Murder Party, and more! Think of us as the child of classic social games like ‘charades’… the child who dropped out of college, then earned the family’s respect by founding a jam company.

Jackbox stream

Jackbox is more or less a collection of party games which you can play with your friends or family members but its online. Physical copies are also available but only in select countries.

9. Madden NFL 2021

Madden NFL 2021 poster

Sport games have been the victims of large gaming corporations filling them with loot boxes and gambling mechanics with almost no notable change or anything that adds to it being more fun. It is in foundation a sports simulator so it has to abide by the rules of the sports it simulates. Madden NFL 2021 is one such similar game from the notorious EA games who has a history of leeching money of off children and adults alike. Madden NFL 2021 is a sports simulator of the American Football League.

8. The Last of Us 2

LAst of US ps4 release photo

The Last of Us franchise is a beloved franchise which when the first part came out, everyone loved it so much concerning almost all aspects of the game i.e. gameplay, plot, character development etc.. but when the sequel hit and everyone gave it one playthrough, not everyone was pleased. Most of the older players loved it and it even won The Game Awards 2020 and Ultimate Game of the Year.

However, on the other spectrum, fans were disappointed that the aspects of the first part was not particularly displayed or purposely hidden, possibly as a move to implement something new to the story. Nevertheless, the game is a visual masterpiece and the characters and plot feel close to life.

7. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

AC: Valhalla poster

Assassin's Creed is also one of those games which everybody knows. The franchise has worked its way from the American revolution to the Sands of Egypt and this year it went to the rainy Nordic lands. AC: Valhalla is a visual masterpiece and also includes aspects of the older games which was requested by the fans.

6. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New horizons poster

Animal Crossing is a game where anyone can essentially play the game, except blind people. It is a fusion of The Sims and Harvest Moon with Minecraft's grind type mechanics which complement each other so well in the pandemic for people who wished to escape the real world which was just full of misery and also to spend some time with other people whom they could not meet or just random Internet strangers. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest release of the franchise.

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This youtube music video sums up what I mean

It also brought the most polar of two personalities into one universe, Doomguy and Isabella, who are actually canon to the lore.

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5. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima in-game

For all anime and multi cutural fans out there, Ghost of Tsushima blends in the anime type battles with gritty and realistic visuals which caused it to be heavily appreciated around the world.

It is an Open World single player game with a multiplayer mode also released later known as Legends. Its most notable feature was the "Lethal" player difficulty; A difficulty mode which, rather than making enemies stronger, it shifted to a realistic aspect with the players and his foes dealing critical damage to each other which ending up killing them in one or two hits. This applies for non-boss mobs only though.

Ghost of Tsushima is a game which is a cultural heaven which wishes to stay true to reality while giving us the fantasy of living as a samurai in feudal Japan.

4. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact cover

What if Waifus merged together in a Zelda-esque type open world RPG? The answer might come close to Genshin Impact, as this multi-platform game has started receiving wallets for virtual women more than men would pay for strippers back in the days.

Visually, it is a weeb's isekai utopia, with famous voice actors brought by Mihoyo Games to voice its mainstream anime girl troupes, such as the tsundere, the Onee-chan who goes Ara Ara, lots of pedo bait, and a new troupe known as "Emergency Food."

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For the cultured

The game is free to play on all platforms but it essentially in heart is an RPG so without spending a few bucks off, it is difficult to get those 5 star legendary waifus or husbandos for your roster. We all know why you play that game, which is, of course to find the Protagonist's sister, and not some woman in a studio moaning while her in-game characters climbs walls.

3. Valorant

Valorant beta cover

How many FPS games does it take for games studios to say, OK lets stop here? Well not many as Valorant comes from world famous developers Riot games as they dive into the FPS genre with their own twist on the genre. Not certainly a twist but more like taking out best parts from games and merging them into one, as Valorant tries to bring the CS:GO type fluidity with Overwatch type mechanics.

The game has become well known as Riot has been pushing its promotion to its limits that even CS:GO developers released a new operation to prevent its players from going to the newer game. The shifting of games by former CS:GO players to Valorant shows how much the former FPS has been dying.

Nevertheless, Valorant has become massively appealing to its players and its growth is still uncertain. There might be something going on between Valve and Riot, or maybe its just memes.

2. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall guys: Ultimate knockout poster

One of the most unexpected games to blow up and also to showcase how streaming has essentially changed the gaming industry, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a Battle Royale game having a one night stand with various party games. Due to it being Battle Royale, it became extremely popular that every streamer was playing the game and joining the hype with their fans.

However, a small indie in the background was looking at the popularity and when someone got so bored during the pandemic that they started playing a small indie game from 2018, the person did not know how much it would change the whole "We need better Graphics" gatekeeping from the gaming bourgeoisie.

1. Among Us

Among us cover

Who has not tried Among Us in the pandemic? Surely not many as Among us has crossed charts for its popularity like the sudden anime protagonist who receives a blessing from the World's God himself.

Among Us is the true definition of what games were originally made to be, to have fun with a bunch of friends, also to teach us how many people we are close to can lie so non-chalantly that we question whether we truly know them or not. After Monopoly and Uno, a new game has come which shows us the true nature of humans and destroys friendships. Among Us was made by a small indie game company Innersloth.

Twitch stream AOC
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a politician also joined in the hype and played Among Us with famous streamers

The game came to be popular due to streamers playing which gave us one of the best Pog plays or OmegaLul plays in the platform. Among Us is a simple game where communication is key.

With simple Visual and non-visual tasks to complete, a crewmate must strive to complete them before the imposter kills them. With the use of audio streaming, though, the game is turned into something entirely different as players can lie and trick everyone into ejecting an innocent victim. It also showcases how games do not require fancy graphics and mechanics to be fun.

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