How to fix Noxian Brotherhood quest not being completed in WildRift

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Players who are not in the open beta regions have not been able to complete their Noxian Brotherhood quests. Here we discuss on how to solve it.

How do we fix the Noxian Brotherhood quest counter?

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I am sure players who have used VPNs have noticed that you only need the VPN during the sign in or sign up process. After that the game simply connects you to the server you registered with your VPN on.
But during the new event, VPN players have noticed that the quest counter does not work when they play without the VPN.

So the answer to the fix is simple,
Use a VPN while playing the game itself. If you do not know which VPN to use or your current VPN is giving you high pings, simply try out Kiwi VPN or Melon VPN.

These VPNs have free services for most of the open beta servers and my experience with them have been good till now.

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You can play Wildrift with a VPN but be careful

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We recommend you play Vs AI to complete the quests quicker as it will be easier to beat the AI. Also be careful that Riot are actually banning Ips from VPNs however the VPNs we have provided have not yet been banned.

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