[Top 2] Best BGMI nickname generator tools. Here is how to get the best BGMI names

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[Top 2] Best BGMI nickname generator tools. Here is how to get the best BGMI names: BGMI is the most popular game in India right now. With millions of players jumping in the battlegrounds, that one thing (apart from the in-game skills of course) you can do to stand out from the crowd is to customise your in-game character and ID. While the in-game character in BGMI can be customised by purchasing different dresses from the store, you can get away with a cool and stylish BGMI nickname for free (at least for the first few times).

Now, you can jump into the game right away and rename your nickname if you already have a stylish BGMI name in mind, but what if you don't?

Well, that's where the BGMI nickname generator comes in. BGMI name generator can help you in getting just that in-game nickname that you have been watching the pro players like Scout and Mortal use. Moreover, if you want to use some special characters in your BGMI nickname, you can't do it through the Android keyboard. This leaves you only two ways, first, copy some username from somewhere and paste it into the game (you can take help of this 200+ stylish BGMI names list), second, generate a stylish BGMI name yourself. This post will tell you about the best BGMI nickname generator tool out there, and how to use them.

What is the best BGMI nickname generator tool?

We could find only two such nickname generators which were good enough, both variety and user interface wise.

#1 Fortnite Name Generator

Although it says, Fortnite Name Generator, it can be used to generate unique nicknames for every game that supports special characters, including BGMI. This can also be used to generate awesome Discord usernames. What we like about this BGMI nickname generator is that it has put a lot of work into the user interface. Its UI is quite good, unlike other name generators which are full of advertisements.

Fortnite Name Generator on

You just have to go to their website and enter your name, it will automatically show you some pretty stylish and classy usernames. In my case, I tried with Ba3a. The one that I like the most was this one: BΛ3Λ.

How to use Fortnite Name generator (the best BGMI name generator)?

If you particularly want some special character, you can scroll down and copy a particular symbol, and then paste it in the field above.

You can copy and paste symbols on Fortnite Name Generator. It is one of the best BGMI name genarators.
Special characters in BGMI nickname generator

#2 Nickfinder.com

Nick finder is another top gaming nickname generator tool. If you want to customise your name in a more free manner, this is the name generator tool for you. While Fortnite Name Generator focuses more on simplicity, Nickfinder is a more sophisticated tool. Using Nickfinder too is very easy.

Nickfinder on

You just enter your name, select if you want special characters in it, select the first letter of your nickname (optional) and hit enter.

The best part about Nickfinder is that you can rate other's usernames, and the best usernames are featured.

You can rate other's names on nickfinder. Nickfinder is one of the best BGMI name generator.
You can rate other's names on Nickfinder.

How to use Nickfinder to generate awesome BGMI nicknames for boys and girls?

  • Go to this link: nickfinder.com
  • Enter your name in the field
  • Enter the first letter (optional)
  • Select if you want special symbols
  • Click on 'Generate another'
  • Copy your cool nickname

Did you get your perfect BGMI nickname? Do let us know in the comments below. You can also use our list of more than 250 cool and stylish BGMI names.

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