Treyarch Finally Adressed Black Ops 4 Server Downgrade

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Treyarch's Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 tdm screenshot
It definitely is not like the beta

Treyarch received a lot of praise from the fans during the beta about how responsive and snappy gameplay felt. The Blackout mode received a thumbs up from the fans. The mode coupled with the crisp gameplay melted players and fans in joy. However, upon release players began to notice some issues with the game's performance. The general responsiveness of the game felt downgraded. Beyond this, Treyarch does not have the best track record when it comes to hit reg's in their game. This coupled with the sketchy servers made fans to investigate.
It didn't take much time to find out that Treyarch scaled back the servers from 60Hz to 20Hz. This was more than enough to provoke the fans.

Treyarch Lied to the fans?

Players quickly took the social media platforms to obliterate them for this decision. What infuriated the fans, even more, was Treyarch's decision to downgrade the servers without the fans knowing about it. This dented the trust fans had in Treyarch. This action led fans to state how the beta was just a marketing push for the game. The sense of feeling scammed only added more fuel to the fire.
However, the servers were stable and the issues weren't game-breaking. But the silent downscale from a developer like Treyarch is far from acceptable. Call Of Duty WW2 had 60Hz servers. Many major Youtubers and content creators for Call Of Duty are talking about this topic.
A detailed analysis of this topic has been done by Youtuber battle(non)sense. The video provides with an in-depth look at the topic.

On October 23, Treyarch finally came out and addressed this issue. The statement came with a new update for the game. They said, "first phase of planned changes to network configuration in targeted locations." Later it was confirmed that the server got bumped up to 30Hz.
However, being the multiplayer only experience Black Ops 4 is, it's a shame that Treyarch did something like this. Let's hope Treyarch sorts the issues out soon, if there's any and bump the servers back to 60Hz.
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