Everything about PUBG mobile 0.9.0 update

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The update 0.9.0 is expected to bring massive changes and we all are excited about it. PUBG Corp. will be rolling out new updates for the mobile version on October 25.
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Although the update is already being leaked on the Internet but we recommend you to wait for the official update rather than the beta version. So those of you want to know more about this update then continue to read. The updates are mind-blowing.

  1. 0.9.0 update will fix the lag, connectivity issues, and other bugs. So basically your game won't disconnect in the middle of the fight and you will experience much smoother gameplay.
  2. The update will include features like Spectator Mode, Night Mode, night vision goggles, and a Halloween theme. Now spotting enemies in night mode will be difficult, especially for mobile gamers.
  3. The dynamic weather system will support the cloudy environment now.
  4. A new car called “Rony” will now feature in the Sanhok map.
  5. New AR rifle – QBU has been added which uses 5.56 ammo(sanhok exclusive) also the recoil on the AKM has been reduced
  6. Also, this update will reduce the number of bots, so it won't be noob friendly anymore.
  7. Environmental details such as buildings, covers, and trees will be increased.
  8. Grenades will have better mechanics and landmine traps are also added.
  9. 0.9.0 update will fix view for the driver and passenger in FPP
  10. PUBG will now give you the option to be paired with a player who speaks your language
  11. Leaders can now register their squads for the Crew Challenge Tournament.
  12. Players can now invite other players to custom rooms.

So get ready to play pubg mobile with Halloween theme. Now Chicken Dinner will be fun!

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