UMG Valorant First Strike Closed Qualifiers group stages result

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UMG Valorant First Strike closed qualifiers are taking quite an interesting albeit entertaining turn. The recent matches between all 4 groups have been a blast to watch. The matches had the heart racing for the viewers who were rooting for their teams.

In group A, the match between Cloud 9 and Spacestation Gaming upset the fans of C9 as SSG took the match 2-0. The same could be said about another match that took place in group A between Equinox and Luminosity Gaming where Luminosity won the match 2-0. The match between Equinox and Cloud 9 was extremely close as the match went into overtime where Cloud 9 took the win but barely.

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In group B, TSM took an easy win with the match between NRG with a 2-1 lead. Faze won the match between them and Andbox however one of Andbox's player was taken to a hospital due an illness.

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In group C, Serenity won the match between Complexity and them with a 2-1 lead. Gen.G took an easy win with Moon Raccoons with 2-0 lead. The match between Moon Raccoons and Complexity was won by Moon Raccoon with a 2-0 lead.

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And finally in group D, T1 won the match with Dignitas 2-1. The other match in this group between Immortals and Pittsburgh Knights went to Immortals 2-0. And Dignitas took the win 2-0 with the Pittsburgh Knights.

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All the VODs of the matches have been uploaded to Youtube, so if you missed the matches you can watch them there.