Team Secret's Dota 2 team bag multiple awards in the Esports Awards 2020

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Following an almost dominant performance all year round and winning multiple Dota 2 Majors, Team Secret have bagged awards in three different categories, similar to their Dota 2 matches when they 3-0'ed every team.

We Dota 2 fans know how much Team Secret's reign was secretly terrifying as they bulldozed their way through every Dota 2 team in the Europe/CIS region throughout 2020. Given that they have recently been losing some of their matches, the team still feels like they could have been the ones holding the Aegis if there had been a TI during 2020.

Twitter announcement post here.

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Esports Team of the year 2020

Esports team of the year 2020 Team Secret

For a game with a very unstable number of players during the past 7 months, receiving an award for Esports team of the year for a game such as Dota 2, over other teams from different games like CS:GO and LoL, it only shows how much Team Secret have acheived this year. Respect the grind.

Esports Coach of the year 2020


Heen received the Esports Coach of the year 2020 for his ability to bring out incredible growth among Team Secret both individually and as a team. Given how Secret have been playing, he truly deserves the award. Massive respect to him for making a star-studded team shine even more.

Esports player of the year 2020

Nisha esports pc player of the year 2020

Nisha is the Mid player for Team Secret, and now also a winner of the Esports PC player of the year 2020. Playing mid in Dota 2 is incredibly difficult as you are essentially dueling with another player and given the hero pick, you hold the key to utilizing your supports' and offlaners' power spikes with ganks on the enemy team, while also farming consistently to keep up with the enemy mid.

Your skill in the mid lane can exponentially increase the probability of winning and snowballing before the enemy team receives any farm. Nisha has become a pillar of Team Secret when Matumbaman has been cornered by the enemy team, always impacting the game with his plays and his incredible mechanical skills.

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