Noble Esports part ways with their Valorant roster, Broken promises by the org?

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The Valorant roster of Noble Esports has collectively decided to part ways with the organisation. Simar Sethi has announced the same on his Instagram today. The team is now looking for a new organisation to put their faith into.

The players of the Valorant team of Noble Esports has mutually decided not to represent the organisation anymore, due to some internal disagreements that has been caused. The Valorant roster had been announced in September 10 this year, and had gone through a small lineup change already. 2 months later, Simar 'psy' Sethi, the Captain of the team has announced the following on his Instagram Story later today:

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One of the reasons for such a harsh decision from the team could be the lack of a bootcamp that had been promised by the organisation. For weeks, psy, hikkA and other players of the team had clarified to the fans on their Youtube streams that "The Noble Esports bootcamp is almost ready" and that they're about to move in, but they haven't yet.

A Bootcamp is always helpful for a competitive team to build their chemistry. But Noble Esports needed it more than anyone as there are currently 2/5 players in the roster who are not from India- Shakir 'hikkA' Razak (Sri Lanka) and Sami 'SSSami' Ar Rahman (Bangladesh). These players have to face a huge latency disadvantage for playing in the Mumbai server in India, which is the official server for all the tournaments that are held in India. This latency issue might be the sole reason behind their frustration.

The team had gone through days of underperformance in the beginning, which was a result of a late entry into the competitive scene. Simar had clarified that they needed more time to adapt with the team, and thus they managed to bring 3 titles later. Today the team had lost a match against Tryouts with a score of 1-2 in the TEC Challenger Series Upper Bracket Quarter Finals today. The disappointment might have caused the players and the organisation to come up with such a decision today itself.

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