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So here are some unknown facts about pubg that we believe will be interesting.  Well, we all play pubg a lot, but still many people don't know about this game completely. Pubg is the most trending game and is probably addictive too. So here is the list of facts that you probably didn't know:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Ever wondered why this phrase is displayed at the end when you win a game. Well, we have to take you back in the old days of America. During the 1930's, period of great depression was going on and poverty was at peak those days. People started every means to earn money and one of the sources was gambling. So when the gambler won the table he was able to afford a chicken dinner! So from there, the concept came of winner winner chicken dinner.

winner winner chicken dinner

No advertisement!

PUBG was never advertised by the publishers. It got advertised by the players and streamers. Developers didn't spend any money on advertising and promotion. In spite of that, the game got famous and started a new era of battle royal. And pubg was the most sold game on steam. In the first two months of release pubg sold over a million copies.
steam players count


Earlier when the game was released so during the pre-order the game came with a virtual bandana. And after the popularity of the game, bandana became the rarest item. It is worth over $1000 now and people now actually buy that now!  This item is so rare that this is not available in crates and the only source is that you have to buy this. So many people had no idea of the benefit of pre-ordering and who ordered it sold it before the market value reached its peak. They should have waited and could have sold it now for an easy earning.
pubg bandana

Cinematic Replays

Many people probably know this, but some are unaware of this fact. Pubg allows you to record your gameplay in 3D and cinematic view too. With different camera angles, the cinematic recording looks great. It is very helpful for those people who wants to create pubg content or funny moments for their youtube channel to attract viewers.
pubg cinematic

Removing Shoes

Usually, during the last few alive scenarios, it is advisable to remove your shoes. If you do not want to get spotted by your sound then you can remove the shoes. Wear those fancy shoes and boots at the beginning of the round. It won't make a very big difference as your footsteps could still be heard if you are running on barefoot but it is much less than running on shoes. So if you want to be a sneaky player then remove your shoes, but if you are a player with a perfect aim then it doesn't really matter.
pubg shoes

Pubg owners are CSGO players

55% pubg players are CS: GO players. This interesting information was revealed by steamspy. According to them, there is decline in CS: GO players by 30% So Pubg actually proved to be more addictive than CS: GO. Less hackers and constant new updates attracted more players everyday.

Why the title "Playerunknown's"?

Reason behind this is also quite interesting. Developer(Brendan Greene) of pubg played many games with his character name as "unknown player".  So the name should have been Brendan's battleground! So he decided to use his default name as the game title and this game is now most trending.
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