Sony Finally Allows Cross Platform Play For Fortnite

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It finally happened folks. Sony has opened its doors for cross-platform play. Sony launched the cross-play feature in a beta stage for Fortnite. Players will now be able to play with Xbox and Switch players. Beyond this, players are now able to carry save files across these platforms. The mounting pressure from the PlayStation community played an important role in this issue. The decision not to open up cross-platform play pissed off the PlayStation community. Above all, the ability to play cross-platform between Xbox and Switch really made PlayStation look like the bad guy. These factors tipped of Sony to take a favorable decision for the community. In the blog post regarding cross-platform play, Sony said: "the first of these types of titles is Fortnite". This could very well be hinting the arrival of cross-platform play to other titles.
Sony received a major backlash for locking players out from cross-platform play. The reasoning Sony gave about this pissed even more people. Above all, not only the community was demanding cross-platform play even some developers spoke about enabling this experience. There is a lot of major third-party upcoming titles for Sony which will make use of this feature. Hence, this can be seen as a good move from Sony.
With the plethora of exclusive titles on the PlayStation, gamers will automatically gravitate towards it. This reason alone is enough for Sony to open up a feature like this without any hassle. Furthermore, Sony has plenty of exclusives up their sleeves to pump out for years to come. Titles like Spiderman and God Of War shows the dominance of the console among the competition. As a result, this move will bring more goods to Sony.

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