Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Peruvian Jungle 1

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The narrative now jumps to the timeline before the game had started off with a plane crash. The weather was getting worse but they had to somehow land because a little turbulence wouldn't stop Trinity. Lara directs the pilot to land the plane at a nearby spot. They head to a cloudy mountain which is where things go wrong. The Pilot gets killed. Consequently, Lara and Jonah get separated.
lara hanging 2 on
Lara finds herself hanging from the branch of a tree in the middle of nowhere of the Peruvian Jungle. She opens the seat belt and falls down the branch.
peruvian jungle on
Now, you need to take control of Lara and move forward enjoying the mesmerizing jungle. While progressing through the jungle you will a lot of hardwood. Be sure to gather as much as possible because it will prove to be helpful in the future.
flare on
Keep progressing and you will eventually find a cliff and a flare at a distance. Keep moving forward and you will find some feathers in a nest while jumping across trees.
base camp on
In the next area you will find a base camp. You can upgrade your skills, upgrade your equipment, craft outfits.

Craft the makeshift knife

After you are done with the base camp, you will find your equipment hanging down the branch of a tree. In order to bring that down you need to cut off the rope through which it is suspended.
Head to the crashed plane and Lara will try to remove a part of the plane's fan in order to use it as a knife. As she makes an attempt to do this, she accidentally falls down and the plane gets submerged in the pond. Dive into the water to get the piece of the metal off the plane then you will be attacked by an eel. Try to cut off the rope which is when you will get to know that the metal piece isn't sharp enough. You need to collect 3 salvage to sharpen the knife. Gather the salvage and head back to the base camp to sharpen it.
rope cutting onequipment found on
Now, head back to cut off the rope to get your equipment back. You need to cut off another rope for you equipment to fall down.
tethering in jungle on
Use the tethering facility to cross the the canyon. Keep progressing, you will find the flare lying on the ground and a couple of disturbing stuff.
Jaguar 1 on
You will now encounter a jaguar who killed Miguel. Continue down the path and you will enter into the arena where you need to fight off the Jaguar.
fighting jaguar on
All you have to do is focus on when the jaguar tries to hit you and dodge the attack. Hit it when you can take the best shot. Just remember to dodge any attack it makes.
lara jonah reunion on
Kill the jaguar and continue down the path. You will find the other part of the plane and a reunion with Jonah. You fill find your axe there. Keep moving down the path and you will find the bridge puzzle.

Bridge puzzle

bridge puzzle 2 on
You need to cross the river but for that you need to solve the bridge puzzle.
make water flow on
You have to start off by making the top of the ruins filled with water by letting the water flow up there.
pushing the wheel 1 on
Push the wheel near the bridge with the help of Jonah to fill up the bucket which has a hole beneath.
tether the bridge 2 on
Once the bucket starts filling, quickly go below and tether the two ends of the bridge with your rope. That's it, you're done. Now, you can easily cross the bridge. Progress forward and you will find a mixture of herbs which increases your perception.
You will now learn how to use the Eye of the Eagle, a mixture of herbs which increases your perception.
jaguar attack 1 2 on
Continue down the path and you will be attacked by a Jaguar. You have to fight it off which is very similar to your previous fight with a Jaguar.
jonah takes care of lara on
Once you're done with the Jaguar, Jonah sets up a camp. Lara and Jonah have a late night conversation and they will fall asleep.

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