V1 defeat Liquid NA vs. EU just got real!

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Version1 just went head to head with EU's greatest Team Liquid and surprised the entire valorant community!

Version1 which is not even considered NA's best just stomped on EU's best. This series had to be the best 3 map series many have witnessed in the history of valorant esports! Before the competition began in the press conference, TL Scream began throwing jabs at NA saying they are too predictable! I guess Scream did not predict today's outcome! The first map, Split (V1's pick) was pretty close and it went to triple overtime. But Team Liquid managed to win the first half (7-5) and eventually won the map at 16-14.

Just when everyone thought Liquid were starting to get in the game, V1 showed that they were an unstoppable force and won the second map, Ascent at 13-11 scoreline. The third map, Haven actually showed how good NA and Version1 are. V1 just stomped on team Liquid with a 100-2 half and won the series at 13-4 sending Team Liquid to the lower bracket.

V1 Zellsis was the match mvp at 260 combat score and got 57 kills whereas, on the Liquid side, Scream got a 236 combat score and got a whopping 61 kills to his name. Even though zellsis was the match mvp I have to say that V1 penny actually stole the entire show with his performance at Ascent. He was the reason V1 were actually able to push Liquid into the third map.

Now, V1 is set to face Nuturn Gaming at the upper semifinals and Liquid have to fight their through the lower bracket.

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The next and the final match today is between Sentinels and Fnatic which after watching V1 and TL, is going to be a banger.

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