Team Vikings vs. X10 Esports was the way to start day 2 of VCT Masters 2

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Day 2 of the VCT Master 2 kicked off with a bang where Brazil's team Vikings went head to head with Thailand's X10 Esports.

The first map, Icebox (X10's pick) was a pretty interesting one as both the teams looked to be at the top of their game. The first half ended with a cheesy 7-5 score favoring Vikings and then Vikings took the map at 13-11. The second match Ascent was the most competitive matchup in this competition. The first half ended at an equal 6-6 but Vikings failed to close it and X10 took it to overtime! This matchup was so even that it seemed like these two teams have known each other for ages! The match ended at 14-2 in Team Vikings' favor.

Sacy (TV) was the match mvp with a 262 combat score and got 47 kills meanwhile on the X10's side, Patiphan was the team MVP with 234 combat score and 40 kills to his name.

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Next matchup is Team Liquid vs. Version1 followed by the most awaited one- Sentinels vs. Fnatic!

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