Valorant First Strike: North America Day 1 Results

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Here's everything that's happened on day 1 of the Valorant First Strike: North America

Day 1 of the Valorant First Strike: North America has just finished and both TSM and Team Envy have advanced into the semifinals. on
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The event is a single elimination bracket in a best of 3. Both TSM and Team Envy had an easy win against their opponents.

T1xNSG Champions on

TSM absolutely stomped all over Renegades with a 13-1 win in map 1 and a 13 - 5 win in map 2. With the likes of Wardell, Subroza, Hazed, reltuC, and drone, TSM is certainly one of the strongest teams in North America.

team envy reveal valorant roster with fns and together we are terrific 800x400 1 on
Team Envy

The other match on day 1 was that of Team Envy and Immortals. Immortals picked Icebox as their map 1 which was exciting to see as it was the first time the map had been played in a competitive Valorant tournament ever since it was introduced. With Team Envy having the likes of FNS (who many pro players say is the best IGL in the history of eSports in N.A), food and crashies, they won a comfortable map 1 against Immortals. Map 2 however was a close one with Team Envy winning 13-11. Shot_UP of Immortals played really well this match however Team Envy proved to be a step above.

Day 2 which is on the 4th of December will be streamed on both Twitch and YouTube with TSM Myth and Ninja co-streaming the event.

The teams that will be playing are 100 Thieves Vs T1 and Sentinels Vs Faze Clan. It is safe to say that these matches will have much more fierce battle considering the caliber of teams present.