SouL and these Indian PUBG Mobile teams are playing the Korean version, but why?

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The government had banned PUBG Mobile in India, and after much drama, PUBG Corporation had announced about a month ago that they were bringing the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. According to some influencers, and rumors, PUBG Mobile India was to release in November 2020, but we have not seen any of it yet. As PUBG Mobile Indian version has been delayed, if not canceled, several professional players have already shifted to the Korean version of the game to keep up their practice.

PUBG Mobile pros are playing the Korean version.

No confirmed release date of the PUBG Mobile India has been announced by the officials. Moreover, some reports claim that PUBG Mobile India might get delayed even further. Due to this, many professional players have started practicing on the Korean version of the game. Moreover, SouL and other professional organizations have directed their players to do the same. Some of the most popular Indian PUBG Mobile teams have started practicing on multiple scrims hosted by several organizations, such as APL Esports, IGPL Esports, Villagers Esports.

These teams are practicing on the Korean version of PUBG Mobile:

  • Orange Rock 
  • TSM Entity 
  • Team Ghost (IE) 
  • Galaxy Racer
  • KitKat (SouL)
  • GodLike
  • TEAM UP50
  • TeamIND
  • Reaper X
  • Fnatic
  • Team X Spark
  • No Rules Extreme
  • Crawlers
  • Marcos Gaming
  • iNSANE Esports 
  • Element Esports
  • Future Station

Note: The fact that team SouL is practicing on the Korean version of PUBG Mobile is not yet available on public domain, but our sources have confirmed it.