Valorant First Strike: North America Day 2 Results

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Valorant First Strike: North America just keeps getting better and more entertaining to watch.

Day 2 of the Valorant First Strike: North America had some really nail biting moments that sent viewers and casters in shock.

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All the teams in this bracket were heavy hitters. And everyone showed up to perform.

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The first match was that of Sentinels Vs Faze Clan where Sentinels won an easy 2-0 victory. Their score was 13-8 on map 1 and 13-5 on map 2. Faze showed up to fight with Corey playing the best in the team but Sentinels outperformed and had an answer to everything Faze threw at them. It is also to note that Sentinel's ShahZam the in game leader had recently lost a close family member but he still decided to show up and perform.

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100 Thieves

Game two was that of 100 Thieves and T1 and what a game it was. This was the closest match in all of First Strike Quarterfinals. Both teams came to perform and it showed. T1 Skadoodle popped off in match 1 with the Operator. T1 had a comfortable lead of 9-3. It had seemed like 100 Thieves couldn't find an answer to whatever T1 was throwing at them. T1 was absolutely bullying 100T on their own map but the 2nd half something else in store. Pretty soon whatever lead T1 had faded as both 100T Nitro and 100T Asuna fragged out the enemy players.

There also were moments where Hiko stick to defusing the spike when T1 still had players left. There were moments where both 100T and T1 shouldn't have won but they did. Both map 1 and map 2 were extremely close with 100 Thieves winning 13-10 on both. This was a match that people had expected and although the game didn't go to map 3, it could have been won by the other team.

Now with 100 Thieves and Sentinels advancing into the semi-finals, we'd have to wait and see which team comes out on top.

Overall these matches were highly entertaining, jaw-dropping and nail biting to say the least and I'm sure it had the heart racing of fans of both the respective teams.