Valorant First Strike: North America Day 3 , The Semi-finals

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Valorant First Strike: North America has been nothing but a tournament full of amazing storylines.

The semi-finals of the Valorant First Strike has proved that North America has by far some of the most competitive teams in the community.

And the 4 teams that advanced into the semi-finals prove that. TSM, 100 Thieves, Team Envy and Sentinels all are teams that truly deserved to be in the semi-finals. But not everyone can advance into the grand finals. Each of these team gave a hard fight but only two came out on top.

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In match 1 of TSM vs Team Envy, TSM came all out. They used strategies that they were saving up for just this moment. Now even though FNS of Envy is considered the best IGL in all of North America, TSM outsmarted him every step of the way and won the game.

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Map 1 was won by TSM with a 13-7 victory. Team Envy couldn't answer back to whatever TSM was throwing at them. And this showed in map 2 as well where TSM won again with an easy 13-5 lead. It seemed like TSM was in the head of Team Envy and could read them easily. Everyone on the side of TSM performed extremely well.

100 Thieves
100 Thieves

Match 2 was that of 100 Thieves vs Sentinels. And the map 1 they played was Icebox, the 2nd time we saw teams playing it. This was a map that could have been easily won by the other team but 100 Thieves pulled through and won 14-12 as the match into overtime. That's how close these teams are.

In map 2 Sentinels came back hard and reminded us that the tournament wasn't over. Map 2 was where they shined and showed us that they are not letting this go. Needless to say, they won map 2 with an easy 13-9 lead.

Now this is the 2nd time that a match had gone to map 3, the first time was with 100T vs T1. Now in map 3 100 Thieves showed why they should be considered one of the best teams in not only North America but the world by winning 13-9 with 100T Asuna popping off.

Now that we have our grand finalists, it'll definitely be worth a watch as to who will come out on top. Will it be the proven kill machine TSM or the underdogs 100 Thieves? We can't wait to find out. You can watch the matches here and here.