Top 5 Features of PUBG Mobile Winter Update 2020

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As winter is approaching, the players will now see the Christmas Theme in the game as PUBG Mobile Winter Update 2020 is just around the corner.

The developers of PUBG Mobile never fails to keep making changes in the game on different festivals. As the calendar strikes the month of Christmas Eve, the new PUBG Mobile Winter Update is ready to be featured in the global version. The community even witnessed a similar Winter mode in the last year where the game was seen in a new look.

The PUBG Mobile Winter Update is coming out

There will be a lot of changes that are related to Christmas and various other winter themes. These improvements are available in the beta version of the game and are expected to launch for the normal players also. The new update is likely to come out on December 10 and you just need to login into the game to start using it. We will be covering the Top 5 Features that are likely to come out in the PUBG Mobile Winter Update and will change the gaming tactics.

Feature #1 Christmas Theme Lobby

The PUBG Mobile Winter Update is coming out

The first thing visible after starting the game is your Lobby screen. After the Winter Update, the lobby will get a cool touch of the Christmas vibes in the air. A big Christmas tree can be seen in the background with a lot of decorations and gifts laying around it. Basically, the lobby is based inside a cabin with other items laying around. The name of the theme will be Cozy Cabin Theme and will be available for 60 days in the PUBG Mobile Winter update.

Feature #2 New Game Mode

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A new mode is going to feature in the update that is known as Erangel-Frost Festival Mode. This will be available to play only in the winter update by clicking the checkbox on the Erangel map. The spawn island will now have snowy weather and a huge castle with some decorations in it. There will be floating snow all around the map and can be seen by clicking the minimap icon. On a random basis, a sparkling castle will spawn on any of the three locations that will contain enough loot for your squad.

The PUBG Mobile Winter Update is coming out

Feature #3 Special Throwables

The PUBG Mobile Winter Update is coming out

As you land on the snow castles, you will find special throwables lying around. These will be similar to normal snowballs but will turn into a solid snowman or chicken statue when used. It will help you to make your own cover when fighting in an open space. They will remain there for some time and help you to hide from the enemies. There is a certain HP on them and if you shoot on them, they will get destroyed. There were similar throwable in the last PUBG Mobile Winter Update also.

Feature #4 Snowboard

The PUBG Mobile Winter Update is coming out

Moving on snow has become easier by riding on the snowboard. If you remember, this was also a part of the PUBG Mobile Winter update last year. You just need to tap the skiing button to enjoy snowboarding. This will not work in the areas with no snow and the snowboard will get vanished automatically. Players can earn chicken medals by riding on the snowboard and will earn rewards accordingly. Also, this will help you travel faster and avoid getting hit by the enemy's bullets.

Feature #5 New Drop Skin & Christmas Trees

The PUBG Mobile Winter Update is coming out

The usual airdrop will now have a new shining skin to match with the Christmas decoration. There will be lights all around the drop and it will be visible even from the far. The flare gun will now sparkle more in the sky to give a shining light. You can find Christmas trees at various locations on the map. They will provide loot after coming near and decorating it.

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