Valorant Leak: New game Mode, Site changes & more.

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This past week we received patch 1.06 and with it came a ton of new data-mined information along with a new weapon skin bundle.

New Game Mode in the Valorant Leak:

There is a new game mode in the works. Now we just received deathmatch but now a new game mode is currently in development. This new mode is titled Alt5. Right now the devs are testing orbs, smokes, and a bunch of particle effects, such as raze's rocket is only being tested on the map Haven right now so it's going to be a while until we get to play it.

Lobby Remake:

brimstone and sage near teleportation tunnel

If you haven't heard already, remaking lobbies is going to be one of the next game features coming to Valorant and it will allow players to cancel a match if a person goes AFK at the beginning of the game.

This feature is not available for 5-man stacks. This will hopefully, help a few of you that are constantly down numbers going into games due to players disconnecting.

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Region change:

region changes in latest valorant leak

The Devs are going to help those of you stuck in a region you don't want to be in. Currently, Valorant only allows North American players to play with other North American players and the same goes for Europe. There isn't any cross-play between regions because the developers want to keep the competitive integrity that they promised and as you can believe there would be crazy lag breaking their promises if cross-play was enabled. Well, the devs finally caved in and are now allowing you to be able to transfer your account to another region. Now, this feature isn't in the game just yet because they are still working on it, but it should be coming very soon.

Bind A site changes:

163287 1330944 bind orig 2 amp main media schema 1 on

The last data mined info that we got was a change coming to the map Bind. On A site we might be seeing a change coming to the truck because a ton of new props was added for it and they were named truck building. Now, this could be coming with the next update or it could just go live with a hotfix.

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