VCT NA Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifier Round of 16 results

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VCT NA Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifier Round of 16 results: We got to experience plenty of changes after VCT Masters 2 as a community. We saw roster changes, weapon economy changes, agent ability price changes and also many roster changes. Many teams capitalized on these changes as seen from round of 32 in the open qualifiers. Tier 1 teams like TSM and FaZe Clan were upset by smaller and newer teams.

Let's have a look at VCT NA Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifier Round of 16 results:

Sentinels vs. Soniqs

Sentinels surprisingly weren't able to just 2-0 Soniqs as Soniqs showed resilience on map 1, Icebox and won the map at 7-13 scoreline. Map 2, Bind and map 3, Haven looked like a piece of cake for Sentinels as they quickly defeated Soniqs at 13-5 scoreline on both the maps. It seemed like Sentinels suddenly woke up after losing a map. SEN TenZ was the match MVP with 248 ACS and SQ crunchy was the team MVP with 228 ACS.

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XSET vs. DarkZero Esports

XSET won the 1st map, Icebox(XSET's pick) at 13-9 and lost map 2, Ascent at 10-13. DarkZero did not seem to lose focus after losing the 1st map as they dominated the 1st half of Ascent and won the half at 8-4. The 3rd map, Breeze was the first time ever we got to see the map in action at tier 1 competition. XSET won the first half at 8-4 and the map at 13-9 scoreline. XSET BcJ was the match MVP with 240 ACS and DZ Andersin was the team MVP with 241 ACS.

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Team ENVY vs. T1 Esports

T1 dominated ENVY on Split which was sadly ENVY's map pick. T1 won the half at 4-8 and the map at 5-13. T1 brax despite playing Killjoy, out fragged ENVY and managed to get a +15(24-9) differential on Split. The 2nd map, Bind was arguably the best and closest match in the entire round of 16. ENVY won the map at 13-10. The 3rd map, Haven's scoreline was not something that anyone would've expected in my opinion. TEAM ENVY 13-0'd T1! Once NV mummAy hopped onto jett he just seemed unstoppable. He clocked in 346 ACS on Haven! T1 automatic was the match MVP with 250 ACS and NV Victor was the team MVP with 247 ACS.

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100 Thieves vs. Noble Esports

The last match of the day was the most exciting one. 100T fans finally got to see dicey back in action on Haven as he stood in for 100T Ethan as he was facing some power cut issues. 100T won the 1st half and eventually the 1st map, Haven at 13-9 scoreline. They dominated the 1st half at 9-3. Noble won the 2nd map, Icebox at 13-9 scoreline. Noble Esports defeated TSM in the round of 32. They seem to be the new underdogs in NA Valorant scene. 100T won Ascent at 13-8. 100T Asuna bulldozed Noble Esports as he clocked 60 kills across 3 maps and match MVP'd with 303 ACS! NBL LeviathanAG was the team MVP at 245 ACS.

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Today the remaining match of the round of 16 will take place. We'll see matchups like V1 vs. Luminosity, Andbox vs. Gen.G, C9 Blue vs. Rise and finally Virtuoso vs. Kansas City Pioneers.

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