Mortal BGMI Control Code, sensitivity, stats, and more

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Mortal BGMI Control Code, sensitivity, stats, and more: Mortal is one of the most prominent players in India, known for his gaming skills and game sense. In the last two years, he has earned a lot of fans and fame. For his extraordinary game sense and insane DP-28 kills, he is famous in Indian Gaming Community. Since the launch of PUBGM, Mortal has won many tournaments like PMIS-2019 and PMCO 2019. Also, Team Soul, owned by Mortal, came second in PMCO: Fall Split-2019. He is one of those gems of India who make the Indian audience proud in international tournaments.

Mortal BGMI Control Code

Mortal's deadly accuracy and his control on his game controls are on a whole next level. Every aspiring Indian BGMI player wants to play like him. Mortal sensitivity and game controls are different from casual gamers. He plays with a four-finger layout, which helps him to do multiple tasks like prone, crouch, shoot, aim, jiggle at the same time. You can also match your game style with Mortal by matching your game control and sensitivity with Mortal's BGMI control code.

This article will share the control layout, control code, and sensitivity settings of Mortal on which he plays BGMI.

Mortal Control Code

You can copy Mortal controls by placing his control code number on your layout. His claw control layout code is 6974-6239-1907-3395-486.

Mortal Claw Layout

Here is the Snapshot of Mortal's four-finger claw layout. He uses these control layouts while streaming BGMI on YouTube. Also, these settings are revealed by him in his Livestream.

Mortal BGMI Control Code, sensitivity, stats, and more

Mortal Sensitivity Settings

The snapshots of Freelook settings, Camera, ADS, and gyroscope will be mentioned below, respectively.

Freelook Settings

Screenshot 173 on

Camera Settings

Screenshot 174 on

ADS Settings

Screenshot 176 on

Gyroscope Settings

Screenshot 175 on

These sensitivity settings are overpowered as they are medium sensitivity that will be great for any new player. Also, these medium settings provide additional stability while sniping and spraying. Most of the skilled players in BGMI use these settings for dominating lobbies. You can quickly adapt Mortal's Control and sensitivity settings as they are straightforward and advanced.