Watch: SEN TenZ makes a video to spice up the NA vs EU rivalry

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Tyson "Tenz" Ngo is a 19-year-old Valorant pro who plays for Sentinels has taken the world by storm with his aim and carrying both the Valorants teams he has been in.

After winning against EU's powerhouse, Fnatic by a clean sweep yesterday, TenZ decided to poke them more by making a funny video about Fnatic. Sentinels- NA's biggest hope took down EU giants Fnatic in a 2-0 fashion sending them into the lower bracket. TenZ was the match MVP yesterday with a combat score of 297 and a whopping 49 kills to his name.

Now, in order to be in the competition, they have to play lower round 2 with their first lower bracket match being either X10 Esports or Crazy Raccoon depending on who loses today. This video was posted on Sentinels' Twitter account but it has been unfortunately taken down just after a few hours since it was posted for some reason.

In the video, TenZ enters his facility and he sees many mouse lying on the floor which ultimately lures him into Fnatic's room. After he enters the room it is shown that the Fnatic team players close the door and start thrashing TenZ in order to get back at him for beating them and sending them to the lower bracket of the VCT Masters 2.

Things like this are what makes an esports more entertaining and fun for the viewers to watch. Since the video has been taken down, people have started re-uploading it on Youtube. The link to one such video is provided below if you want to check it out yourself!

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