X10 Esports vs. Crazy Raccoon kicked off the lower bracket of VCT Masters 2

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X10 Esports went head to head with Crazy Raccoon to kick off the first match of the lower bracket at VCT Masters 2.

SEA's X10 Esports got a pretty clean 2-0 victory over Japan's Crazy Raccoon. The first map, Haven (X10's pick) was at least close as X0 won the first half(7-5) and won it at 13-9. The second map-Icebox, however, was a completely different story! The first half again ended at 7-5 favouring X10 Esports but Crazy Raccoon didn't even manage to get a single round in the second half. X10 Esports won the map and the series at a 13-5 scoreline.

X10 Patiphan was the match MVP with a 306 combat score and 42 kills to his name. On the Crazy Raccoon's side, neth was the team MVP with a 251 combat score and 33 kills to his name. Last match's wonder CR Munchkin was nowhere to be found today on the server. He managed to get a mesely 155 combat score and just 21 kills across both maps. As of now, X10 Esports save themselves from getting eliminated and continue their journey in the tournament but sadly for Crazy Raccoon, they are eliminated from the tournament with a 9th-10th finish and they go back home with 15,000usd to their name.

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X10 Esports will now face Fnatic in the lower round 2 on 27 May,11:00pm IST.