What is the Valorant's new map Fracture release date?

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What is the Valorant new map release date? Fracture is going to be the 7th map in Valorant after Ascent, Bind, Haven, Split, Icebox, and Breeze. The new map Fracture is structurally different from other typical Valorant maps, where the Attackers and the Defenders spawn on opposite sides of the map. In the case of Fracture, the Defenders spawn in the middle of the map, while the Attackers are split between the two sides of the map.

Valorant New Map Fracture
Valorant's New Map Fracture

The new Valorant map Fracture is sure to bring some interesting meta when it releases in patch 3.05.

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When is Valorant's new map Fracture releasing?

The new map releases with patch 3.05 on 8 September 2021. The rolling out of patches usually starts with North America and then comes towards Asia in such a way that it is nighttime where the patch is being rolled out. So, Indians and other Asian regions will get to play on the new map Fracture on 9 September.

What's new in patch 3.05 apart from the new map?

The new patch brings in multiple changes in how different abilities interact with each other. Breach's After Shock, Brimstone's Orbital Strike, and Sova's Hunter's Fury will deal damage to more of other abilities. You can read more about it here.

Patch 3.05 will also bring back the old Immortal rank tiers.

When does Fracture come out in Valorant?

The Fracture comes out on 8 September 2021.

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