VCT Masters Berlin: Let's check out the VCT Masters 3: Berlin schedule

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VCT Masters Berlin: Let's check out the VCT Masters 3: Berlin schedule: Riot Games has revealed the entire VCT Stage 3 Masters: Berlin schedule which will commence from 10th September 2021 with the grand finale taking place on 19th September 2021.

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Fifteen of the world's best Valorant teams are set to face off against each other to see which is the best team in the world and which region reigns supreme over other regions from 10th to 19th September 2021 in Berlin, Germany.


Riot Games has unveiled the entire VCT Masters 3: Berlin schedule with group B kicking things off as KRU Esports go head-to-head against Zeta Division. EMEA giants G2 Esports and Gambit Esports will play their first game on the first day against F4Q and Crazy Raccoons respectively.

NA's Team ENVY and 100 Thieves will play on day 2 i.e., 11th September 2021 against Vivo Keyd and Havan Liberty respectively. Sentinels are scheduled to face off against G2 Esports in their first VCT Berlin match on Day 3. This matchup is arguably the most awaited one. This is because both the team's CEO's and social management teams are poking fun at each other and are claiming of being the superior team for quite a few days on Twitter. G2 Esports' CEO, Carlos even said that once he talks with Tyson "TenZ' Ngo in Berlin, he will be able to convince him into leaving Sentinels and join G2 Esports as G2 is the better team according to him.

Group D unfortunately has only three teams. This is due to the fact that Bren Esports are unable to attend the Masters event because of some VISA issues. Group D will now have a double round-robin, with the two top teams advancing to the elimination stage. However, Bren Esports will get an additional 175 VCT points and also some prize money for qualifying for the VCT Masters 3: Berlin.

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Masters 3 Berlin Groups

VCT Berlin Schedule

Day 1: 10th September 2021

  • 8am CT: Group B – KRU Esports vs. ZETA Division
  • 11am CT: Group C – Gambit Esports vs. Crazy Raccoon
  • 2pm CT: Group D – G2 Esports vs. F4Q

Day 2: 11th September 2021

  • 8am CT: Group A – Vision Strikers vs. Paper Rex
  • 11am CT: Group B – Keyd Stars/Vivo Keyd vs. Team ENVY
  • 2pm CT: Group C – 100 Thieves vs. Havan Liberty

Day 3: 12th September 2021

  • 8am CT: Group A – SuperMassive Blaze vs. Acend
  • 11am CT: Group D – Sentinels vs. G2 Esports
  • 2pm CT: Group C Winner’s match

Day 4: 13th September 2021

  • 8am CT: Group B Winner’s match
  • 11am CT: Group A Winner’s match
  • 2pm CT: Group D – F4Q vs. Sentinels

Day 5: 14th September 2021

  • 8am CT: Group D – F4Q vs. G2 Esports
  • 11am CT: Group B elimination match
  • 2pm CT: Group C elimination match

Day 6: 15th Spetember 2021

  • 8am CT: Group A elimination match
  • 11am CT: Group D – G2 Esports vs. Sentinels
  • 2pm CT: Group B decider match

Day 7: 16th September 2021

  • 8am CT: Group A decider match
  • 11am CT: Group C decider match
  • 2pm CT: Group D – Sentinels vs. F4Q

Day 8: 17th September 2021

  • 8am CT: Quarterfinals
  • 10am CT: Quarterfinals
  • 12pm CT: Quarterfinals
  • 2pm CT: Quarterfinals

Day 9; 18th Spetember 2021

  • 10am CT: Semifinals
  • 1pm CT: Semifinals

Day 10: 19th Spetember 2021

  • 10am CT: Grand Finals

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