Which are the Best Guns in Free Fire 2021, February

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The best guns in Free Fire 2021 is the most popular questions that the players ask. Free Fire is a free to play shooter game which is similar to PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. Both of these games are very similar and Free Fire game is rising through the ranks as well. Since the time PUBG got banned many of its players have migrated to either COD mobile or Free Fire. Free Fire is developed by Garena and was released in 2017.

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Free Fire

The Best Guns in Free Fire.

The game has a ton of weapons of all categories and most of them are available in the map rather than in the airdrops. Here are the top 5 best guns in the game currently.

best guns in free fire 2021

#1 M82B

This gun has a unique ability that allows you to shoot through Gloo walls. No other gun has this ability in the entire game. The gun's stats are as follows.

Damage- 90

Range- 85

Reload Speed- 41

Rate of Fire- 27

Magazine size- 8

Accuracy- 90

Mobility- 55

Armor Penetration- 67

This weapon is common to find in the BR as it is not limited to the Air Drop and can be found in the loot around the map.

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#2 Groza

The Groza is the strongest AR in the game currently and its recent Buff has made it more powerful than before. You have a higher chance of getting the gun from the Air Drop. This weapon is the most reliable one in the game as it has a good damage range, rate of fire and accuracy.

Damage- 61

Range- 77

Reload Speed- 48

Rate of Fire- 58

Magazine size- 30

Accuracy- 52

Mobility- 58

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#3 MP 40

This SMG is no doubt the best choice in this class. It has a very high damage as well as fire rate. This gun in the game's recent update ahs been brought back to the Clash Squad mode and is one of the only weapons that has a chance at defeating the double Vector. In the BR mode this gun is better than the Vector as you can keep it as your secondary weapon.

Damage- 48

Range- 22

Reload Speed- 48

Rate of Fire- 83

Magazine size- 20

Accuracy- 17

Mobility- 63

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#4 Double Vector

The Double Vector is a favorite to buy during the Squad Clash matches and ever since its release it has dominated the close range combats. This weapon is so over powered that the gaming community has hated this gun since its release. This was the similar case with the akimbo Fennec in COD mobile as well. Free Fire should nerf this gun soon in its coming updates.

Damage- 47

Range- 32

Reload Speed- 62

Rate of Fire- 82

Magazine size- 30

Accuracy- 61

Mobility- 69

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Double Vector

#5 MAG-7

This shotgun is the new release in the game and is a mid-range shotgun with a high damage rate with a high fire rate. Most of the shotguns in the game are used only as a close combat range fights but this one can kill the enemies in 5 shots at a distance of 5 meters. The MAG-7 is the most versatile shotgun in the game and has the highest rate of fire for a shotgun.

Damage- 89

Range- 15

Reload Speed- 55

Rate of Fire- 53

Magazine size- 8

Accuracy- 10

Mobility- 62

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These are the best guns in Free Fire for February 2021. When the list changes we will update you soon.

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