Was the next Valorant Agent (8 or 16) just teased?

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Valorant might have just teased their next agent, which is going to be numbered 16 or 8, in the night market.

Valorant's Night Market was added back in the game recently. It seems that we have something else too along with the Night Market 2.0. The new Night Market is based in Ghana and that might be the origin of the next Valorant Agent (8 or 16).

Valorant night market 2

The new Night Market has moved from Japan to Ghana. We know that because 'GHA' is written on the card. A new player card 'R4kiya' was added too which has a desert theme.

Compiling these two things mean that we are getting something new based on Ghana. Now if you observe the top right corner of the Night Market card, we have something drawn on it. At the first glance, it looks like a replacement for some English letters, but they are not. These are rather Adinkra symbols from the ancient Ashanti empire (present-day Ghana). The pattern in the background of the card is an Ashanti symbol too. This gets interesting now because Riot is notoriously famous for teasing things.

You can argue that it could be a teaser of anything related to Ghana, why just a new Agent? But these Adinkya symbols on the card definitely point towards a new Ghanian Agent.

What do the symbols in the new Night Market card mean, how does it points towards a new Ghanaian agent?

symbols on night market card e1613027032939 on

Meaning of the 5th symbol

The circular symbol, the 5th one, means OWUO ATWEDEE or BAAKO MMFO according to this page. These words are literally translated as, 'owuo' for death, and 'atwedee' for the ladder. While 'Baako' means one, and 'mmfo' means do not climb. All strung together, it means that 'all will climb up the ladder of death'. Death is no respecter of persons, and everyone will eventually die. It is a symbol of mortality.

The 1st and the 4th symbol

The first and the fourth symbols are actually from a cloth pattern named 'TOKU KRA TOMA', which literally means Toku’s soul cloth.

An image of toku kra toma cloth pattern
Toku Kra Toma

According to this page, the cloth is designed and named to commemorate the soul of a warrior Queenmother Toku in the Ghanian lore. In the past, such a cloth would only be worn by the royalty and people of high rank during very sacred ceremonies in which the spirits of the ancestors are venerated.


These three things clearly point towards a new Ghanaian Agent. Moreover, Yoru was also teased in the same way in the last Night Market.

The new agent might be based on Anansi

Anansi means spider. Anansi often takes the shape of a spider and is believed to be the king of all stories in the Akan folklore. Anansi is known to defeat his more powerful enemies by his wit through his cunning ways.

The reason why we are betting on Anansi is because the symbols on the Night Market card were from Ashanti kingdom and Anansi is the most popular tale of Ashanti.

It might as well be possible that Toku is our next agent, because of her reference on the card.

What do you think of this? Will the next agent be Ghanaian? Who will it be, Anansi or Toku? Do let us know in the comments below.

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