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xccurate Valorant: settings, stats, achievements: Kevin 'xccurate' Susanto is a professional Indonesian Valorant player who was born on 18 February 1998. xccurate plays for the Indonesian team Dewa VVV (previously VVV). Notably, xccurate and another Valorant pro, f0rsakeN, are siblings. xccurate was a top Indonesian CSGO player, before shifting to Valorant.

xccurate Valorant favorite agents and stats

jett(5) 62.5%102234.21.12148.90.850.150.190.178778151917
raze(2) 25.0%44233.51.00152.20.770.390.180.0934341784
viper(1) 12.5%22195.00.88132.50.680.360.050.051517811

Stats courtesy: VLR.gg

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