BGMI Leaks: 15 awesome upcoming features in BGMI

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BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI: After the release of early access of BGMI, gamers are much awaited for the release of the official version of the game. However, people are also very curious about what new will the game bring to them. There are positively many surprises and pleasing updates in the game which you would see after the release of the official game. Let's see some of the updates and new features before anyone tells you.

BGMI leaks, map updates, companion, features:

We confirm that after the release of BGMI there will a 1.5 super season update, which would bring new in-game features, maps, companions, etc.

New mode and features in BGMI

After the game gets the 1.5 Super Season Update, a new mode or map will be added, MATRIX MODE which a futuristic mode of Erangle. This mode will have many new futuristic features:

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. Matrix Arena

1. BGMI Air Summoning Device

This device is going to be a very rare device, rarer than a flare gun through which players can summon their emergency air drop. It is predicated that, a drone will bring the air drop and it will similar supplies as the flare gun.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI Air Summoning Device.

2. BGMI Leaks: Hyper Lines

These lines are going to be Hytec Levitation Lines for Trans- Island travel, through players commute from one place to another throughout the island. There will be futuristic trains and stations too, which help in transporting.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI Hyper Lines

3. BGMI Air Conveyors

In the major locations of the map, they will be air conveyors which would help us fly and reach a particular place. This will also help us to reach Safe Zone quicker or surprise the enemy with sudden attacks.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI Air Conveyors

4. BGMI Anti Gravity Motorcycle

This will be a Hytec Motorbike which can travel in both land and water. While travelling at land, the bike would rise up at a minimum height from the ground, giving it a high speed boost. However the speed of the bike will be very slow, while it is at water, making enemies easy sprays to kill.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI Anti gravity Motorcycles

5. BGMI General Guardian Robot

This machine is going to be a robotic dog whose locations while marked on the map beforehand. It will help us to find special and rare loots, like Level 3 equipments and ammos, scopes, etc.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI general guardian robot.

6. BGMI Scopes With Hologram

The scopes in the game will have futuristic cross air pointers in them. The cross air pointers in the scopes such as Holographic site, Red Dot, 2X and 3X scope will have 3D projected pointers in them.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI Scopes with hologram.

7. BGMI Leaked Glass Windows

The much feature for gamers is here. Windows of every house will have glasses in them, which can be broken by throwing throwables like Smoke Granade, Frag Granade, etc or if the player jumps or climbs through the windows.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI glass window.

8.BGMI Leaks: Throwable Consumables

This feature will enable a player to throw consumables, such as Energy Drink, Painkillers, to their teammates who are in a different building while enemies are nearby. The range of throwing the consumables is also more than that of low toss granades.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI throwable consumables.

9. BGMI Common M249 and New Gun

After the new update, the machine gun M249 will no longer be a drop gun an will be seen commonly in the houses. However, there are plans of a new gun being added, called MG3 which would use 7.62mm ammo an will only be seen on Air drops.

BGMI Leaks: 15 Leaked Upcoming Features in BGMI. BGMI Common M249 and New Gun.

10. BGMI Leaks: Victory Statue

This will be a golden statue that you can spawn only after you win the match. It is going to be a motivation for the players to win and improve their gameplay.

10. BGMI Victory Statue

11. BGMI leaked In- Lobby Companion/ Messenger

The new update in BGMI, will give us a In- Lobby Companion/ Messenger which will show us any messages we receive in the game. It will only be a Lobby Messenger and speculations say that everybody may have this companion for free.

11. BGMI New In- Lobby Companion/ Messenger

13. BGMI Advance Pick-up and Sensitivity Settings

This feature allows us to customize our pickup of grips an attachments of every gun. Players will have no longer problem in picking up attachments manually in the game, while they can customize their pickup options in the settings menu. We can also customize the sensitivity of each gun manually so that we don't have to change them time and again while playing.

13. BGMI Advance Pick-up and Sensitivity Settings

14. BGMI Leaks: Change of Names and Places

With the new update, there will change in name of places on the map. Pochinki, will be changed to Transit Centre. This place is going to be the Junction of Hyper Lines. Geogepool will change into a futuristic 2050 port and a new still ship will be added in the waters near it. The Sosnokva Military Base will have a new name as Sosnokva Security Center.

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15. BGMI Auto Jump and Pointer Mark

This feature will enable us to Jump automatically. We just need mark the location we would like to jump from the plane and the jump will be done automatically calculating the shortest time to reach the place. Additionally, wherever we mark in the map, the place will seen as a beam of light from the sky to be accurate.

15. BGMI Auto Jump and Pointer Mark

These are the 15 BGMI leaks we have about the game's upcoming updates and new features. Stay pinned with us for such interesting information and updates. I hope you won't miss out on our leaks on the Royal Pass of BGMI and the uniqueness of its distribution. Also, check out the latest prices of UC in BGMI.