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Millions of waiting fans finally rejoiced yesterday, as Battlegrounds Mobile India's early access was announced. The Indian version of PUBG Mobile, dubbed as BGMI, was almost identical to the global version of PUBG Mobile. Among only a handful of differences, one was BGMI UC price.

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BGMI UC price was more in BGMI than global version

Users noticed that the price of UC bundles in BGMI was a bit more than that of the global PUBG Mobile version. Cost of 60 UC in BGMI was Rs 89, whereas it was Rs 75 in the global version. Several users highlighted this issue on social media.

bgmi uc price old

Krafton has finally revised the BGMI UC prices to match it with the global version, as announced on Instagram today. Moreover, Krafton has also announced to refund some UC to users who have already bought when it was expensive.

Krafton said, "Among the opinions you’ve given during this Early Access, we have confirmed that the UC purchase price in the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Early Access version is higher than that of Global version.
Accordingly, we have decided to reflect your opinions and plan to lower the purchase price of UC to an appropriate price. After the price has been adjusted, we plan to pay you back additional UC for each UC product as follows, as soon as possible to accounts that have purchased UC before the adjustment.

What is BGMI UC price after update?

The price of UC has already been updated in-game, and you should be able to buy it at the global rate. The table below shows new UC cost in BGMI.

BGMI UC price after update is:

  • ₹75 - 60UC
  • ₹380 - 300UC + 25UC
  • ₹750- 600UC + 60UC
  • ₹1900 - 1,500UC + 300UC
  • ₹3800 - 3,000UC + 850UC
  • ₹7500 - 6,000UC + 2,100UC
New BGMI UC price

How to buy BGMI UC with new price?

You can buy UC in BGMI like this:

  • Tap on the UC icon (cash) on top right
  • Select the UC pack that you want
  • Complete the purchase with on-screen instructions
  • Enjoy

BGMI is now available for everyone

Krafton has made the game available for everyone on Android today. If you had already bought UC in the early access, it will be available in the live version too.

If you have not already downloaded BGMI, here are three ways to download the BGMI early access apk and obb files.

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