17 years old Bangladeshi Valorant pro SSSami officially joins Noble Esports

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SSSami, one of the best FPS players from Bangladesh has officially joined Noble Esports Valorant roster today.

Sami Ar Rahman a.k.a. SSSami, the first Valorant player to achieve the Radiant rank from Bangladesh has now found a new team to play under. Since the departure of Rahul 't1to' Sridhar from Noble Esports, SSSami has been the stand-in for the team. The 17 years old Bangladeshi wonderkid seems to have adapted to the team pretty well. He has already managed to bring home the ROG Showdown Valorant title with Noble Esports.

The player has previously announced his departure from his Bangladesh based team Exceeli Esports on October 7 this year in a Facebook post.:

"I am splitting with my team and officially leaving the organization and looking forward to the new challenges up ahead. Also, I am currently a free agent and looking for offers."

Looks like Noble Esports have grabbed the perfect opportunity, as he announced the following in a Facebook post earlier today:

"Officially joined Noble Esports as of today. Let's hope for the best and looking forward to win some titles 💕🥰"

SSSami has actively competed against top Valorant teams of the South Asia region with his previous team Exceeli Esports. He is known for his tight aim and Operator skills. The Bangladeshi prodigy has also been seen dominating the CS:GO scene in his country since 2018, leaving the game for going professional in Valorant in 2020.

Sssami at a LAN tournament

SSSami has also won the MVP award for The Esports Club Challenger Series 2, getting a total of 9 MVP's and 207 kills throughout the tournament. Here's a clutch clip from one of his games:

Noble Esports now have 2 finals ahead, Nimo.tv PRO Streamer Tournament Season 2 and Playtonia Valorant Warfare, both on November 8. We wish good luck to SSSami on his new adventure with Noble Esports!

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