PUBG Mobile Season 16 Update | 8 New Features in 1.1 Update

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We are all set to witness the new PUBG Mobile Season 16 in the global version. This 1.1 update will bring a lot of new features in the game. Let’s see what all is packed.

PUBG Mobile always brings new features and improvements to the game with every update. As we approach the end of the ongoing season, we will not look at some of the New Features in 1.1 Update.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date

We can expect the release of Season 16 by 10th November. The tiers will be reset a day before the beginning of new season.

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Metro Royale Mode

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A new mode is being added in the game known as Metro Royale. This mode will have new maps, attachments, guns, and monsters which will increase the fun. We will have a new spawn lobby that features a train track on it. We might also see a train in the global version after it is released.

When you open the map, various underground tunnels are seen with coloured lines. These tunnels can be accessed through stations and loot items will also spawn in them. A metro train will take you to different locations in no time. For instance, going from Pochinki to Yasnaya will now only take you a few seconds on the metro train.

Upgraded Security Inspection

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After the 1.1 update, you will see PUBG Mobile is entirely focused on preventing the use of any cheating methods while playing. While on the matchmaking screen, a new feature of Security Inspection will pop-up that will check that you are not using and third-party apps. If it detects any hacking symptoms, your account will be banned permanently.

Quick Throw Feature

If you use throwables a lot during the match, it will be a revolutionary feature for you. Currently, you have to separately click on each throwable item to select it. But after turning on the Quick Throw Feature, you can directly swipe the screen to choose the desired grenade. This is similar to the quick chat option in the game.

New Grenade Animation

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Frag Grenades are the most used throwables followed by smoke grenades. With the next update, the exploding animation of the frags is improved. Forget that boring black smoke that comes out after an explosion. Now there will be a bright fire-smoke after blowing the grenade.

Smoke Grenade Mechanism

Imagine you are in an intense fight situation and your teammate gets knocked. The first thing you will do is throwing a smoke grenade to protect him but for that, you need to wait for 6 seconds before the smoke appears. But with this new update, the smoke grenade will become active as soon as it lands on the ground. It will save your team a lot of time and heal quickly.

Customising Vehicle Controls

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Vehicle controls were used to be fixed and can’t be changed as per our preference. From now on, it will no longer be the case as you can customise all the vehicle controls in the game. You can drag and place all the buttons to the desired location for driving your vehicle.

Gyroscope Sensitivity

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Earlier, the gyroscope players only had the option to take their sensitivity to 300%. But PUBG has decided to take that limit to 400% for every aspect. This will make gyro players faster in close combats. A little bit of practice will make you an expert in controlling sensitivity.

Throwing Melee Weapons

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This feature is already available in PUBG pc and is all set to get introduced in the mobile version. When you hold a pan in your hand, you will now see an option to attack/throw on the bottom of the screen. This will let you throw the melee weapons as some grenade on the opponent. Not only pans, but other items like crowbars and sickle can also be used in the same manner.

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