4 Runic Power Tips and Tricks- Arctic Rune

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Players have been looking for some of the useful Runic Power tips and tricks for their Arctic Rune. We have covered some of the high IQ tricks that will help you get the chicken dinner.

Arctic Rune is one of the most used among all the runic powers in the PUBG Mobile after the latest update. Pro players have come with unique styles and ways to use this power to kill their enemies. Our team has compiled some of the best ways to use arctic power for the new players. These Runic power tips and tricks will help you to win the matches.

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#1 Get Cover in Open

runic power tips and tricks

It is the most basic use of the Arctic Wall to protect yourself from enemy bullets while pushing in an open area. If your squad is making a push for players behind the rocks or tree, it will be beneficial to kill them. You should have strong reflexes to activate the power. This will be the best Runic Power tips and tricks for new players.

#2 Use to Slow Enemies

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The other option of Artic Rune is highly useful when there is a full squad in front of you. You can activate the Freezing Bullets option and this will slow down the enemies. Moreover, they won't be able to heal faster and you can knock them easily.

#3 Push the Squad House

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It is a common trend for the players to camp inside the squad house, especially during the squad matches. You can put the wall on the side of the balcony and then climb it as soon as it is going up. This will let you directly to the roof of the squad house and you can get your enemies.

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#4 Block the Entrances

On the other hand, if you are the ones holding a compound or even the roof of the Apartment building, you can block the gate or entrance. This will prevent your enemies from rushing towards you. Moreover, you can heal and even revive your teammate as the Arctic wall is quite tough.

We hope that these Runic Power Tips and tricks will give you an advantage in a match. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more interesting facts about PUBG Mobile and other games.

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