4 Runic Power Tips and Tricks- Wind Rune

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Players have been looking for some of the useful Runic Power tips and tricks for their Wind Rune. We have covered some of the high IQ tricks that will help you get the chicken dinner.

There is no doubt in the fact that PUBG Mobile never fails to bring out new features in the game. This not only makes the game interesting but also increase the hype among the players. This time we have received a unique feature of Runic Power that has proved to be a game-changer. Many players are struggling even now to use these powers effectively. Therefore we came up with this post that contains Runic Power Tips and Tricks for the Wind Rune. These methods can be used in live matches and get some easy kills.

#1 Use During Tensed Situations

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We assume that you are aware of the fact that Wind Shelter protects you from getting damage from bullets. This is a great technique to protect your whole squad when in an open area. All the team members can stay a single place and make use of the shelter.

#2 Combine with Arctic Rune

This technique works in the squad matches as one teammate can use Arctic Rune while the other can have the Wind Rune. This combo is considered to be the best as Arctic Wall will protect you from the front side. On the other hand, Wind Shelter will reduce the damage taken by the wall itself.

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#3 Escape from Enemies

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The next feature on the list of Runic Power Tips and tricks is the Wind Boost. This power will make you fly like the wind. It comes in handy when you have to escape from your enemies or travel large distances. It even increases the reloading speed of any gun that you are holding.

#4 Save from AWM Shots

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Wind Rune is quite efficient in case of fighting against snipers. Every PUBG player is aware that one headshot of AWM can break any helmet and kill the enemy. However, if you are using Wind Shelter while sniping, AWM shot won't kill you. You will take high damage but it won't kill you.

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We hope that these Runic Power Tips and tricks will give you an advantage in a match. Stay tuned with Gamzo for more interesting facts about PUBG Mobile and other games.

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