Cod Mobile: Best guns of season 1

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The best guns of season 1 of cod mobile is out. This list of best guns are for the players who do not miss their shots and who have a high accuracy. The best guns for the new comers will be out soon. But for now here are the best guns of season1.

Best Guns of season 1

The game has 5 weapons that rank above all the other weapons in the game. The snipers have improved a lot over the past seasons and are dominating the game, the assault rifles are also dominating the game but the SMG and the LMGs are out of the question to use on a daily basis. They are not one of the best guns of season 1. The people who play the game everyday will appreciate this list of the best guns in the game.

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Gun #5 ASM10

The ASM10 got a nerf recently and now it has dropped down to the number 5 spot. The nerf was only is its magazine size but the recoil has also been changed during the longer range fights. It still has the capability to 3 tap enemies but that is only at close range fights. This gun was one of the best weapons in the game in the past season. Now it is one of the best guns of Season 1.

Best guns of season 1

Gun #4 DRH

This weapon has the fastest killing time in the game second only to the burst rifle, the M16. This weapon is one of the bets ones only if you use the OTM mag which boosts its damage. The DRH is best used with this attachment otherwise it is a bad weapon. The DRH is still a very powerful weapon in the game as it still has a very high ADS bullet spread accuracy.

Best guns of season 1

Gun #3 Arctic 50

This is after a long time that this weapon resurfaced to the top. This weapon before the gunsmith update was the best sniper in the game because of its fire rate and damage range. Now after the gunsmith update this has become the strongest sniper in the game. Once you attach the Stomping Power Mag, you can one shot any enemy at any range no mater where you hit them. The snipers have become one of the best guns of season 1.

Best guns of season 1
Arctic 50

Gun #2 Man-O-War

This weapon was already predicted to be one of the best weapons in the game especially after it received the buff. The Man-O-War can 3- 4 tap enemies across the map at any range. You do not need to put any magazine attachment like the DRH and it by default a very powerful weapon. Using the right attachments, you can dominate the game with anyone who is using anything other than the #1 weapon in the game. It is still one of the best guns of season 1.

Best guns of season 1

Gun #1 Outlaw

This is the first time that the outlaw has reached the top five of the best weapons in the game. This season it has shocked everyone by reaching the top spot and it is not wrong. This weapon has the fastest ADS time for any sniper and you can one shot anyone if you shoot at the lethal zones. The Outlaw's damage is same as the base Locus without the stomping power mag, which makes it a very powerful weapon. This sniper has the fastest time to kill for any weapon in the game currently.

Best guns of season 1

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