[Agent Leak] Valorant's latest initiator Kay-0 (Agent 16) and Battlepass items leaked

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We are just under a week shy of the new act and the new agent 17 of Valorant. The new agent known as Kay/0 has been finally leaked along with some new battlepass items.

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Valorant's new agent is an initiator who looks like a complete robot. Many images are leaked of this new agent giving us ample opportunities to try and guess what will the agent look like and what abilities will he have.

Agent Abilities:

The new agent might have a flash ability. In a leaked image, the agent is seen to be holding a flashbang similar to a flashbang in CSGO. This means we may finally get an agent with a pop flash ability.

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Kay/0 is an initiator which means his job is to open up a space on the map. The ability that might let him do so may be the one that disables the utility of all agents.

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If you look closely, you can see that the enemy killjoy is alive and very much in range with her alarmbot and turret. But for some reason, her utility is disabled. We can also see that Astra's Cosmic Divide is also disabled. This may be due to Kayo's ability to disable the opponent's utilities. RIOT Devs previously leaked that the new agent will force gunplay and will appeal to the players who come from a more traditional FPS.

Battlepass leaks:

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Here, Kay/0 is seen to be firing an ares. The ares skin does not exist in-game as of now. This means the ares skin shown maybe a battle pass skin.

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In the first image, Viper seems to be holding a knife. This may be the next battlepass' knife. The knife has a pink aesthetic similar to the rest of the leaked skins.

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Here, Kay/0 is seen using a bulldog. The skin he's using may be of the the next battlepass. The pink aesthetic somewhat looks similar to the Vandal skin which was present in the Year 1 newsletter released by RIOT.

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