Valorant's latest agent KAY-0 leaked, full details inside

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Valorant's 16th agents, who was supposed to be revealed with the commencement of Episode 3, has just been leaked. The latest agent 16 join Valorant Protocol will be an initiator and will be named KAYO, or KAY-O, as per the leaks from various trusted sources.

KAY-O is different from other agents because they are neither a radiant nor human. KAYO is a humanoid robot. Kayo is apparently only the second agent which has not been leaked deliberately by Riot Games, the first was Yoru. So, the leaks might not be true even though the sources are trustworthy and the agent completely satisfies all the teasers Riot Games have revealed.

Valorant's 16th agent Kayo is an initiator

Kayo will join VP (Valorant Protocol) as an initiator along with Breach, Sova, and Skye. As Kayo is an initiator, its abilities would help open up a site. Valorant had previously teased Kayo's abilities, and the leaked images showcase the same thing.

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Kayo can disable other abilities

As seen in the image above, Killjoy's turret and alarmbot have been disabled when they are in the range of Kayo's purple-ish ability, although Killjoy is still alive.

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Kayo with a flashbang

In other image, Kayo seems to be carrying something like a flashbang. Again, Riot devs had teased that the new agent would be more liked by traditional FPS players. So, flashbang could be the other ability of Kayo.

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Kayo has a flash ability

As other abilities are concerned, they are still unknown. However, as teased by Rioters, they are likely to be 'traditional' kind of abilities, like a smoke. The price and number of each of Kayo's abilities are still unknown.

Some items from the new Episode 3 Act 1 battlepass have also been leaked, you can read more about the leaked battle pass here.

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