Unreal Engine 5 is so realistic that you won't believe

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Before sharing any details about Unreal Engine 5, here is my review in one line " This thing is unreal".

For those of you who don't know about Unreal Engine, let us start with the question:

What is Unreal Engine and Unreal Engine 5?

The Unreal Engine is a gaming engine for making games and the Unreal Engine 5 is the latest version. What's new about it, might really be a staggering fact.

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Epic Games claims this engine to almost achieve photo-realism graphics and welcomes the new era of gaming technology.

Don't believe it? Well, Epic Games published a demo video of the Unreal Engine 5 running on a PS 5. Check out the video and it will blow away your mind.

If you have seen the video you must now be aware of the new technologies Nanite and lumen.

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This new engine will save a lot of time for the employees and will make the production faster. Also, it will be available in the latest upcoming gaming consoles like PS 5 and the Xbox Series X.

It also opens the possibility of a lot of new games with quality graphics on the basis of this technology. However, the use of Unreal Engine 5 won't be available for other developers except for Epic games until 2021.

A yet another stunning fact about this engine is that it can also run on a high-end PC. An engineer from Epic Games China revealed that the it runs exactly like on a PS 5. Actually it ran on a PC better than the PS 5.

Such a technology, with such low compatibility is really incredible and it would be interesting to play that first Epic Game with such real graphics. Check all the small details of this technology here.