Babybay Valorant: Babybay and Shanks talk about TSM and bang not being good enough

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Babybay Valorant: Babybay talks about TSM and bang not being good.: Andrej "BABYBAY" Francisty is a professional Valorant player playing for FaZe Clan. He believes TSM's latest pickup, Sean "bang" Bezerra is not good enough for TSM.

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FaZe BABYBAY is a duelist main who plays solely Jett for the FaZe Clan Valorant team. He is known for his hyper-aggressive plays and "over-the-moon" confidence. He streams on Twitch a couple of times a week. During one of his recent streams, he hosted a VCT Stage 3: Challengers 1 Open Qualifiers watch party. Ryan "Shanks" Ngo joined him on discord. During the watch party, he started talking about TSM's recent loss in the round of 32 against Noble Esports.

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TSM bang not good enough for TSM

The loss against Noble Esports was a huge upset for TSM considering they had recently done a roster shakeup by replacing brax with a 17-year-old prodigy, Sean "bang" Bezerra. Ryan "Shanks" Ngo started talking about TSM mentioning that their last pickup, bang did not even make sense. BABYBAY couldn't agree more with this statement. Shanks said that he believes bang is "nuts" (very good) but TSM just has too many duelists in their team. BABYBAY although agreeing with the latter he said he thinks bang isn't even that good.

Shanks was quick to change his opinion about bang being good and just started agreeing with BABYBAY that he is not good enough to be a part of TSM Valorant roster. BABYBAY even went ahead and said bang just is not good and whoever's idea was it to pick him was a terrible one! But he agreed that he should not be saying this because even he and FaZe Clan have lost the tournament.

TSM Problems

After the 'bang' topic ended, Shanks and BABYBAY started talking about TSM's problems in general. They both agreed that the team has too many players who are duelist mains which is resulting in role discrepancy in the team. Shanks said he thinks that due to these issues, drone was just scapegoated and removed from the team. Shanks went on to say that it would be great if Sinatraa joined TSM. This is because TSM is currently in need of a good support player like a Sova(initiator) main rather than just another duelist.

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BABYBAY and Shanks believe that if Subroza played duelists like Pheonix as he did in early 2020, he would just pop off in the server and TSM WILL get better. Duelists mains such as drone and Subroza being forced to play initiators or controllers is hampering both the players' individual performances and also the entire team.

BABYBAY said he went out with Subroza a couple of days ago. He said Subroza had told him that when they lost to Noble Esports in the round of 32, the entire team couldn't find the reason for their loss. They felt like they did everything they could from changing rosters to boot camping to changing the entire team's playstyle and they STILL LOST.

BABYBAY believes that the reason behind these issues might be related to an IGL(In-Game Leader) problem or the team failing to understand the maps or the game/meta as a whole.

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Ultimately it looks like TSM are finally starting to understand their problems as they are once again making some changes to their Valorant roster. Let's see which player does TSM pick up to replace drone. Hopefully, they have learned from their mistakes and now they will finally pick up an initiator/controller main like Sinatraa to round up their Valorant lineup.

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