Valorant ranks in order: Let's take a look at all the Valorant ranks 2021

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Valorant ranks in order: Let's take a look at all the Valorant ranks: Valorant Ranked mode is easily one of the played modes in the game. Let's have a look at all the ranks given to the players playing ranked in Valorant.

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Ranked mode or the copmpetitive mode in FPS games is the most important game modes if a player want to be actually good at the game and climb the ranked ladder. Ranks are based on the skill level of the player base. Players who are completely new to the game or just aren't good are placed at the lower ranks while the experienced players are placed in the upper echelon of ranks.

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Riot Games' Valorant first introduced ranked mode when the game was in closed beta. The ranks in closed beta were:

  1. Mercenary
  2. Soldier
  3. Veteran
  4. Hero
  5. Legend
  6. Mythic
  7. Immortal
  8. Valorant

Each rank has 3 levels excluding the Valorant rank. So in total there were 22 ranks in the game.

After the official release of the game, the ranked system was changed and newer names for ranks were introduced. They are:

  1. Iron
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Immortal
  8. Radiant

Placement Matches

A player has to play 5 ranked matches to get his/her placement rank. After he/she gets his/her first rank in the game, the grind to radiant begins!

Ranked Lobbies

There are some rules when queuing with your friends in ranked mode.

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A player can only queue with players on rank below or above him/her. This means a Silver3 player cannot queue with a Platinum1 player.

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Ranked Rating

A player get a certain amount of RR( Ranked Rating) when he/she wins or loses the game. Negative RR is given to players when they lose a game and positive RR when they win a game. Performance Bonuses are also awarded to players when he/she carries his/her team towards VICTORY.

Act Rank

The highest rank win of a player becomes his/her act rank. This means if a player has won one match in Gold1 rank and rest of his/her matches in Silver3 rank, his/her act rank will be Gold1.

Rank Reset

Whenever a new act is introduced, all players' ranks are reset and the players have to play one ranked match to get their ranks. This new rank is generally 2=3 ranks lower than the player's last act rank.

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