LOOK IT BACK #2: Skins like Reaver Vandal, ION Phantom and have aimbot

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LOOK IT BACK #2: Skins like Reaver Vandal, ION Phantom and have aimbot : Almost every game comes with an option to purchase in-game commodities like weapon skins or even pay to win commodities like better and stronger players in FIFA.

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Some games are pay to win where a player can just pay for in-game upgrades making his/her character stronger and better giving him/her a higher probability of winning. FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant have weapon skins that can be purchased via real money. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, all gun skins are more or less the same as they just change the appearance of the gun and nothing else. But Valorant is a completely different story. Some skins change the entire look, sound, feel of the gun and even gives the gun a finisher(animation appears when the last enemy player is killed using that gun).

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Some started saying that skins in Valorant give you Aimbot. Aimbot is a software used to cheat or hack in games where the software just locks the crosshair on the enemy's head and even in some cases shoots for you. Basically, a noob can kill the world's best player using Aimbot. This lead to the beginning of the greatest meme/phrase/reason to buy skins in Valorant. The entire community started saying that skins in Valorant gives you Aimbot. This was because some skins felt like they aimed better due to their sound and feel.

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Ofcouse, the Valorant community knows that this is just a placebo effect(Experimental research has also demonstrated that the placebo effect may influence sports and exercise performance. For example, athletes who believed they had been given anabolic steroids over a period of time experienced greater strength gains than athletes who were told they had not received any steroids.) but just believing the fact that skins equals aimbot makes it easier to maintain a confident and positive mindset.

Some skins that give aimbot according to the Valorant community are Prime collection, Reaver Collection, Glitchpop collection, Oni collection, Ion collection, Gravitational uranium Neuroblaster(G.U.N) collection, Elderflame collection and Singularity collection.

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Reaver Vandal and the Reaver collection:

Reaver Vandal is one of the four Vandal skins that are believed to give the player aimbot. The dark theme that this skin and the collection is going for is presented beautifully. This skins is called the Omen gun as it's look is similar to Omen's apperance. The sound, animation and the overall feel of gun is what makes the player using it feel that his/her aim is automatically better when using this skin.

Prime Vandal:

This skin is considered to be the centre of the aimbot meme. It has a different reload animation and was one of the first skins to have a different firing sound than the default Vandal gun firing sound.

Elderflame Vandal:

This Elderflame Vandal or the dragon Vandal as many people call it is the skin that feels like it has no recoil whatsoever. This vandal skin was arguably the most used vandal skin in VCT Masters 2.

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Glitchpop Vandal:

The glitchpop vandal has to be the vandal skin with the best variants in my opinion. The glitched theme coupled with Valorant's bright in-game colours makes the skin look very stunning!

ION Phantom:

Oni phantom is the ultimate aimbot phantom skin is the more popular opinion but I think ION phantom is way better. The futuristic design with a IRONMAN like arc reactor inside the gun makes it one of the most beautiful skins in the game.

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ONI Phantom:

Oni phantom gives an ancient samurai look to the gun. The finisher is hands down one of the best finishers in the game and remind us of the skin's Japanese roots. The skin does not have custom sounds though.

Singluarity Phantom:

Singularity phantom also has no custom sounds but the equip animation and finisher is out of this world, LITERALLY. The finisher is one of the best finishers in game. This skins also has a futuristic look.

Do these skins make a player aim better? nobody knows. But we sure know that these skins make the player more confident, positive and overall gives the players a stronger mentality when aiming.

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