Battlefield V Review Roundup: Impressive And Divisive?

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Battlefield V is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Battlefield V did not have a great aura surrounding it before launch. The reveal trailer received a lot of negative feedback from the fans. In contrast to this, the decisions by EA did nothing but adding more fuel to the fire. The delayed release date did not make much of a difference. However, Battlefield V is finally out now and so are the reviews from news outlets and content creators. Let's see what they think of it.
At the time of this writing Battlefield V is sitting at a score of 79 on Metacritic

VideoGamer- 7/10

"Battlefield V offers a compelling single-player and multiplayer package, although it's not the complete reinvention that you may have hoped for." Read the full review from VideoGamer right here.

USgamer- 7/10

"Battlefield's traditional strengths remain firmly in place amid DICE's return to World War II: great graphics, audio, and a scope that few other games can equal. But it's a thinner package than usual, and the decision to hold important modes like Firestorm until 2019 feels like a crucial misstep. Battlefield 5 is a good shooter as it is, but we wouldn't blame you if you decided to wait until it's had some time to mature." Read the full review from USGamer right here.

PCGamer- 7.9/10

"As chaotic and exhilarating as Battlefield has always been. Just don’t expect a dramatic reinvention of the series." Read the full review from PCGamer right here.

Gamespot- 8/10

"Its a fine execution of a familiar formula. There are rough spots, but Battlefield V incorporates small, effective tweaks and shines in the more objective based modes." Read the full review from Gamespot here.

IGN- 7.3/10 (SinglePlayer)

" strange focus on stealth makes Battlefield V's single-player campaigns miss opportunities for more of the large-scale warfare the series does best, but its stories are well told." Read the full review from IGN here.

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