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The Most Anticipated games releasing in 2019.

With trailers releasing left right and center, we at Gamzo bring you 10 of the most anticipated games coming your way in 2019.

2018 sure has been a good time to be a gamer. With titles like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassins Creed Odyssey to name a few, Game of the year is going to be a tightly fought battle.
But that's 2018, and 2019 is on the horizon. We have an impressive roster of games lined up for 2019 and here are some of the most anticipated. ( Please remember that these games are not ranked in any order.)

Cyberpunk 2077

Kicking of the list, we have one of the most awaited games of 2019. CD Projekt Red, renowned as the creators of Witcher the franchise have teased us constantly with updates and trailers to this much awaited game, but it finally looks like it's happening for real. The game is set in a dystopian like setting in Night city, California consisting of six regions. It is a role-playing game and it is confirmed that the game will be in the first person perspective.
Both the trailer and game-play trailers have left us in awe. The setting of the world and the attention to detail can be compared to works of magic. You play as V, a mercenary who thrives in the chaotic world of Night City. Take jobs from clients, buy apartments, engage in relationships, you can do it all in the world of Cyberpunk.
With inspiration being drawn from movies and games like Blade Runner and Deus Ex, and a dev team like CD Projekt to match, need I say any more about this game?

Death Stranding

One man, Hideo Kojima. The name itself will lead gamers all over the world to purchase this game. Such is the reputation he has built with games like the Metal Gear Solid series. The trailers and game-play videos of Death Stranding have largely been open to mass interpretation as it hasn't given clear cut signs as to what the game is playing at. Norman Reedus from the walking dead and Mads Mikkelsen have been revealed as pivotal characters in the game.
The trailers and the game-play videos give us a war-torn setting, which probably spans across space. Kojima uses a seemingly powerful mixture narration, visuals and music to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. Game-play trailers reveal the barren yet beautiful world of Death Stranding and also some brilliant acting from the game's protagonist. We at Gamzo are eagerly waiting for more clarification on the game, and will keep you updated on the same.



Anthem is an upcoming game in the already impressive line-up from BioWare. Bringing hits such as the Mass Effect series and the Dragon Age games, this is one game we are certain will not disappoint.Considering the past titles from BioWare, it is safe to say that you can expect an immersive world and a rich array of quests to conquer.
You and your friends play as freelancers,(YES! CO-OP!) who stray away from the walls of safety and are set on exploring the vast open world. You are equipped with Exo-suits called "Javelins". Each Javelin is customizable and offers its unique approach to combat and other situations. But the thing that caught our eyes the most was the world design. It seems very dynamic and the game developers have stated that the world is constantly changing and evolving, thereby letting you have a slightly different experience every time you log in.
Pick this one up, saddle up, call in your partners in crime, and kiss the weekend GOODBYE!

Last of us 2


Please tell me I'm not the only one to have teared up a bit while playing the original installment of the game. Last of us 2 and its prequel come from developers Naughty Dog, who have blessed us with games such as Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter and to top it off, the Uncharted series.
Last of Us 2 seems to fast forward a bit from where the original left off. We see Ellie in her teenage years, this brings its own problems as we can see from the different trailers. She is caught in a web of confusion. Not to mention trying to survive the fungal outbreak, which had left humanity in shambles.
The game-play looks fluid and smooth with emphasis on the cover system and other stealth aspects. The trailers show us glimpses of civilization and development of society. Also, unlike the original game, equal, if not more emphasis is given on interaction with human kind and different groups of survivors, proving other humans could be as big a threat as posed by the mindless monsters.
So don't be afraid to shed a tear, and grab this one when it comes out! :')

Kingdom Hearts 3


Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy story, Winnie the Pooh, Frozen, Final Fantasy, Tangled, Hercules all mashed up into one game! *JAW DROPS* . I've always had a soft spot for cartoon/anime in video games, and this is the epitome of my deep hidden desires. Developers Square Enix requires no introduction. They are the geniuses behind games such as Final Fantasy series and the Dragon Quest series. Throw in a couple of Disney characters from your favorite movies and you have a recipe for success.
While not being a traditional open world game, Square Enix has told us that they will be incorporating elements of an open world environment. The game-play stays true to the past two entries in the series. Expect different worlds, each more beautiful and varied than the last, taken from your favorite Disney movies!
If you want to engross yourself in a thrilling fun packed adventure, embark on your journey with this game when it comes out.

Beyond Good and Evil 2


Beyond Good and Evil 2 is developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the game had garnered  a lot of media attention due to the fact of uncertainty of its production. The game itself is an action-adventure title played from a third person perspective. The game is said to have both single player and co-op support. There is an inclusion of a social system where the player can customize their character from the ground up along with other traditional RPG elements.
The trailer itself looks very comical and the game is sure to impress and captivate gamers worldwide with its setting and likable characters.

Project Awakening


Now this may come as a shock to some of our readers. Indeed there hasn't been quite a lot of media coverage on this game nor has the name CY Games been a household in the gaming industry. But we chose to add this game solely on the basis of the trailer. The combat looks absolutely brilliant and the visuals are stunning to say the least. Couple that with a dialogue like "It's time for the Wolves of War to awaken." and you've got a promising entry.
From what we see in the trailer, we think it's safe to assume that the game will pit the protagonist and his crew against various dragons and other monsters which will be intertwined in a tale of revenge. Don't sue us on that, it's just an educated guess. 🙂

Devil May Cry 5


Ah Devil May Cry, a game that had me gripped on like a passenger holding on for his dear life. You have been my companion all throughout my affinity with the PS2. Be it the stylish game-play style, the hack and slash combat system or the wonderful characters, DMC has never failed to impress me.
Based on that, it looks like the new game is in good hands. Gorgeous visuals, fluid and stylish combat system, witty and somewhat comedic dialogues from the main characters, the trailer looks blissful to say the least. Capcom have confirmed that both Nero and Dante will be available as playable characters, along with the addition of a new character, titled 'V'. The story is said to take place a few years after the events of Devil May Cry 2.
The game director Hideaki Itsuno said earlier that the game runs on the RE engine.(used in Resident Evil 7) DMC 5 also won the "Future Division" award at Tokyo Game show from the Japan Game awards. Do give DMC 5 go if you are inclined towards fast paced stylish combat and just being a certified BAD ASS.

Skull and Bones


Yo ho Yo ho A pirate's life for me! Who hasn't wanted to become a pirate after watching Pirates of the Caribbean? Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag did give us a glimpse into a pirate's life, but Skull and Bones looks like the real deal. Developed by Ubisoft Singapore, the game gives you control of a customizable pirate captain and his crew. Sail through the waters of the Indian Ocean, plundering bounty, finding treasures and building up your reputation on the way. Of course, causing problems to the Royal Navy every now and then wouldn't hurt.
The game is confirmed to have both a single player campaign and a co-op campaign, the latter in which upto 5 players can look to duel it out for the ultimate prize.If being Captain Jack Sparrow has caught your fancy, then step lively men, and let the winds guide you to owning this game!

Dying Light 2


The original Dying Light mixed parkour with survival horror, and the equation derived was an instant hit! Judging from the trailers and gameplay videos, Dying Light 2 seems to encompass all the good things about the original, and then some. We are made aware that choices play a monumental role in structuring the outcome of your playthrough. It can lead to different circumstances and force you to bear different consequences.
The gameplay itself looks similar to the original, with all the jumping and running and other monkey business, but what caught our eye was the fact that, we seemed to be dealing more with humans than the zombies. It is safe to assume that the number of zombies have greatly reduced during the day time at least, whereas at night, they are as rampant as ever. Humanity seems to have entered some sort of dictatorship governing with strict rules governing the regular inhabitants.
Dying Light 2 looks to build on the original game, do give it a go if you want a fast paced action-adventure game, or if you just want to feel "cool" with all the jumping and acrobatics.
That concludes our list for the most anticipated games of 2019. We would love to hear from you via the comments section. Do tell us what you're looking forward to most and if we've missed out any games!

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