TSM reveals their official BGMI roster consisting of former ST8 players

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TSM reveals their official BGMI roster consisting of former ST8 players: Team SoloMid, one of the world-leading esports organizations, has officially announced their BGMI lineup in their official Instagram handle. They have acquired players who are previously playing under Stalwart esports.

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TSM BGMI roster

As mentioned earlier by Gamzo, TSM was planning to acquire the ST8 esports roster after releasing their BGMI lineup consisting of Jonathan, Clutchgod, ZGod & Neyo. Today, they have officially announced their BGMI roster. Their BGMI roster consist of the following players :

  • Aquanox
  • Shadow
  • Ninja
  • Blade

The social media post reads: “We’re incredibly excited to introduce to you all today our newest BGMI roster. We can’t wait to achieve greatness with our new team.


Please give a warm welcome to the team. “

TSM has acquired Aquanox, Blade & Ninja from the former Stalwart esports lineup. Also, they have added Shadow, who was in the Engima gaming BGMI roster. They have benched Damon and Robin due to hacking allegations on them in past official tournaments.

Earlier this month, they have officially bid farewell to their BGMI roster, consisting of aggressive players known for dominating the PUBG Mobile esports scene. Several reports and leaks from reliable sources speculated that Godlike might acquire the ex-TSM roster as their official BGMI lineup. Any announcements regarding this will be made in the future.

The ST8 roster has performed well in PUBG Mobile scrims and some major tournaments. Despite being new to Indian esports, their lineup has finished in 3rd place in PMCO Club open 2020. Also, they have qualified for the PUBG Mobile Pro league, but unfortunately, they can’t play due to PUBG Mobile: Nordic Map Livik ban on 2nd September 2020 by Indian Goverment. Back in December 2020, they have part away with Stalwart esports.  Now they will play under the big name in the esports scene- TSM FTX.

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