BGMI M4 royale pass leaks and expected release date

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BGMI M4 royale pass leaks and expected release date: Royale pass is the most important and exciting thing for every BGMI player. With a royale pass, they can acquire a lot of unique outfits and gun skins in their account. And after the 1.5 updates, developers have officially announced that each season will feature two royale passes, which means each royale pass will go for one month. And both of them will be based on different themes.

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With the upcoming update, the M3 royale pass will be released to the game. However, the leaks for the M4 royale pass are out. Similar to C1S1 royale passes, players have to spend 360 UC and 960 UC to get Elite pass and Elite pass plus respectively.

The M3 royale pass will be out for the players on 17th September. It will go for 1 month. After the conclusion of the M3 royale pass, the M4 royale pass will be out for the users. However, there might be a gap between the release of these royale passes.

Here are the leaks of M4 royale pass from rank 1 to 50-

Rank 1 Chrono Cyborg AKM and Chrono Cyborg Set

14259 16316034620204 800 on

Rank 5 Chrono Cyborg Headgear

b9a06 16316035041791 800 on

Rank 10 Chrono Cyborg Helmet

6afcb 16316035543677 800 on

Rank 20 Mouse Trap UAZ

73ff9 16316036624314 800 on

Rank 30 Ivory Knight Ornament and Mecha Bruiser Emote

1b897 16316037087184 800 on

Rank 40 Footlong Mini14

8bfcd 16316038412780 800 on

Rank 50 Mecha Bruiser Headgear and Mecha Bruiser Set

2a1fe 16316038874780 800 on

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