BGMI to stop data transfers on 6th July 2021

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After a much-awaited time, Krafton has finally released the Final version of BGMI today on 2nd July 2021. Gamers nationwide were much awaited for the day of release. Many speculations were made in between, like 'Krafton would release their final version of the game on 6th and then on 12th July, etc. However, it was indeed a surprise for everybody as the game got released before our predictions.

Data Transfer for the BGMI players:

Every PUBG player has their unique collections of Inventory such as gun skins, outfits, characters, companions, etc in their account, and they will not like to lose their collections anyway. Keeping that in mind, Krafton has given a provision for Data Transfer to every PUBG user through which they can transfer their PUBG account to BGMI with no loss of inventory. However, gamers can transfer their BGMI accounts only till 6th July 2021, after which it will be temporarily closed. Additionally, BGMI has been launched only for Android users and the game will be available for IOS users soon.

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