Godlike Teases New BGMI Roster

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TSM (Team SoloMid), now known as TSMFTX, is one of the most prominent esports organizations in the world. Last year, they entered the Indian esports scene by collaborating with Entity Gaming, one of the best-performing teams in India. They had acquired the PUBGM lineup of Entity Gaming, consisting of Zgod, Jonathan, Ghatak, Neyoo, and Clutchgod. Sadly, BGMI was banned in India.

With the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, every esports organization is looking for a fresh start with their new BGMI Competitive roster. A few days ago, TSM & Entity gaming contract came to an end, and TSM released their BGMI lineup but the team decided to stick and play together. Similarly, a few days ago, Godlike Esports released their roster, which consists of Rayed, Smokie, and Aladin.

Hints From GodLike Esports about them signing ex-TSM roster

According to the leaks and rumours in the community, Godlike might acquire the TSM lineup. Both parties are not revealing anything about their lineup, but they have given several hints regarding their future lineup and organization.

According to the hints by Kronten, the owner of Godlike esports, they are going to hire nine new players for their BGMI lineup and other games. Also, GodL Amar, the manager of GodLike Esports, hints that their new lineup is in Goa, spending their holidays. Interestingly, the whole ex-TSM lineup was in Goa for their holidays.

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Also, GodlKikiOP and Spower hinted about GodL's Future lineup on their stream. KikiOP had pinned a message that read “GJNZC,” which could mean Ghatak, Jonathan, Neyoo, ZGOD, and Clutchgod. Every leak and rumour is pointing towards it, but remember, the official BGMI lineup for Godl has not been announced yet.

The ex-TSM lineup is one of the most consistent teams, performing well and dominating every other team in regional and worldwide tournaments. They had finished with 2nd rank in PMPL South Asia Season 1 and won the PMCO & PMIS. Also, they had performed well in the World League tournament. Although they struggled at first but ended that tournament at the sixth position. The gunpower and consistency of the ex-TSM lineup is adorable.

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