Breach, Skye among 5 agents lined for major changes, new Valorant agent 16 teased

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Breach, Skye are among the 5 agents which are to be balanced along the next few patches, according to the latest State of the Agents blog post by Riot. We also have a tease for the upcoming agent in Valorant. Let's get started with agent balance updates first, and then we will talk about the brand new teaser.

The Viper Experiment

Viper has had been under the scanner for quite a long time now, initially she did not have a satisfactory pick-rate and was buffed but she had to be nerfed in the last patch. However, she finally seems to be in a balanced state now.

Valorant's character producer, John Goscicki, writes, "We’re noticing that Viper’s niche is more distinctly carved out across all skill bands. Now that we’re seeing her playrate increase, we’ll monitor to see if she’s still too oppressive post-nerf, as both sides are playing against her utility."

He goes on to say, "That said, there are some rough edges here we may need to smooth out", which implies they still won't mind shipping out some minor changes to Viper. Most likely a nerf.

Breach and Skye to be buffed in patch 3.0

Breach and Skye are going to be buffed to provide "more self-sufficiency". And by self-sufficiency they mean to make them more open to gunplay. To do so, they are "looking to remove their ability to dish out 3 consecutive flashes". Breach and Skye will likely have a cooldown for their flashes.

valorant collectible ko spray valorant on

Yoru and Astra to be buffed and nerfed respectively

"We’re exploring an increase to the power within Yoru's unique playspace. One of the big opportunities here is to make “Fakeout” a more impactful ability."

He says about Astra, "The galaxy brain Agent provides a specific playstyle to the game, but we’re looking to take some steps to add more counterplay to some of her play patterns that are too oppressive in coordinated play."

The new agent teaser

Alright, time for the latest agent teaser. Valorant is getting its 16th agent along with patch 3.0. Ideally, it should have come out bundled with the map Breeze in the last patch itself, but the devs are "prioritizing quality over speed".

Data Transfer valorant agent 16 scaled on
This image was teased along with the blog post. Its title says, 'Date_Transfer'.

The blog post sheds some light over the upcoming agent's abilities and play style. The new Valorant agent is going to be for players who are more comfortable with traditional FPS games (like Reyna) because "its utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay".

Again, the new agent will have abilities similar to traditional FPS games, like smokes, flashes, and grenades, "but with added elements that will make those recognizable abilities unique".

That's all we have for now, stay tuned for the latest updates on the upcoming Valorant agent 16.

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